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10 Services Every Startup Needs To Succeed According to Inc.

May 12, 2016 9:56:01 AM

According to Inc. Magazine, Botkeeper has been named one of the “10 Products and Services Startups Need to Succeed”.

In addition to Botkeeper, Inc lists other essential such as Slack, Moz, Optimizely, and Google Analytics and also includes Evernote, Zenefits, Square, Buffer, and RescueTime.

At Botkeeper, we are proud to be grouped with even a few of these services let alone listed just after Google Analytics.

In today’s rapidly changing business world, information and data are key to understanding your business and the market.  Thus, it is no coincidence that many of the tools listed on Inc’s list focus on providing entrepreneurs with analytics and insight. These tools help interpret, adapt, pivot, and improve their businesses.

Read the original article by Samuel Edwards at Inc. here.

Angelina DeLago

Written by Angelina DeLago

Angelina DeLago is a Co-Founder & VP of Strategy and Innovation at Botkeeper.