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Botkeeper Partners with Vic.ai to Evolve Accounting Automation

Botkeeper clients will soon be able to access a new feature embedded in the Botkeeper Operating System, powered by Vic.ai. This new module will provide accountants and firms a unified, faster, more intelligent, and advanced autonomous Accounts Payable (AP) solution integrated with their GL and bill pay systems, all from within the Botkeeper Operating System.

cobranded vic.ai and Botkeeper

Integrating Vic.ai into the Botkeeper Operating System provides accountants with enhanced  autonomous invoice processing and real-time insights. The combination of Botkeeper and Vic.ai will bring the largest source of data together in a progressively smarter platform, removing onerous and manual tasks from an accountant’s day-to-day activities. The most comprehensive Client Advisory Services (CAS) management platform will be formed, with enhanced machine learning, artificial intelligence, and skilled accountants, which will be transformative for accounting firms throughout the United States.


What Botkeeper Partnering With Vic.ai Means For Accounting Firms

The new autonomous module powered by Vic.ai will allow for invoice processing to occur without any data entry or classification review beforehand. This includes everything from vendor identification to cost and dimensional classifications on a line item level. The unified approach between Botkeeper and Vic.ai will help accounting firms become more AI-empowered, resulting in time savings, error and duplicate reduction, seamless system integrations, and effective approval workflows. 

Artificial intelligence and statistical analysis with an unparalleled data set work together to create powerful new reporting and insights to accounting firms. Using the time saved, a firm’s team will be enabled with increased capacity to analyze and share data with their clients and help them make the most informed business decisions.

“Botkeeper’s approach to automated bookkeeping and pre-accounting encourages open and connected systems to generate exponential value. Integration with the Vic.ai autonomous invoice processing module will continue to streamline the overall accounting process and enable greater insights for accountants and their clients,” said John Barnes, Chief Product Officer with Botkeeper.

We recently hosted a LinkedIn Live session with Vic.ai, and you can watch the video for more information here:



Scalability Is Possible with AI Technology

If you’re interested in a new approach to transforming your accounting firm for scalability, accounting will help. Specifically, Botkeeper will help! Our goal is to open doors to new growth opportunities for your firm with Vic.ai’s powerful invoice processing in place by the end of 2021. Why are we telling you now? We want you to be the first to know that Botkeeper & Vic.ai are teaming up to create the ultimate bookkeeping automation platform.


“It’s always special when two companies that are trailblazing in an industry join forces to amplify each other’s efforts,” said Botkeeper CEO Enrico Palmerino. “Integrating the Vic.ai AI-enabled invoice processing functionality as a module within the Botkeeper Operating System will provide accountants with an end-to-end solution that affords greater levels of scale and efficiency.”

You can learn more about how Botkeeper and Vic.ai are making automation technology more accessible and a more powerful resources for firms of all sizes by connecting with a Botkeeper specialist. Click below to get started!


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