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Can You Trust A Robot While You Sleep?

Dec 3, 2015 8:50:07 AM

In recent years, robot vacuum cleaners have become a real hit. Since the debut of iRobot’s Roomba in 2002, they have sold well over 10 million units and that is only Roomba. Consumers are immediately sold on the idea of chore reductions. Who wouldn’t be? This was also true for a South Korean woman who made the purchase with the same appeal. The excitement quickly passed for her, though, when she became a victim of “vacuum robot rage”.

The floor is a commonplace for sitting or napping in the Japanese and South Korean cultures and it held true for this woman. She decided to take a nap and let Roomba do its thing, not knowing that her hair would be mistaken for dust and debris. The woman awoke suddenly when the vacuum sucked up her hair, entangling it in its motors and causing great pain. After calling the fire department with a “desperate rescue plea”, paramedics came to her rescue and freed her from Roomba's jaws.

Only losing 10 strands of hair, she escaped serious injury. If you think that you would be sleeping on the floor like this woman, I would say that you cannot trust a vacuum robot while you sleep. But, if you have a robot bookkeeper like Botkeeper, I would say you are safe to sleep wherever you want.

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Angelina DeLago

Written by Angelina DeLago

Angelina DeLago is a Co-Founder & VP of Strategy and Innovation at Botkeeper.