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The Botkeeper Dashboard Just Got a Major Revamp

May 21, 2019 10:02:00 AM

Some people might argue that the phrase “new and improved” is redundant—how can something be new if it’s just been improved? Likewise, how can it be improved if it’s brand new? To tell you the truth, we don’t really know, but we also think that’s okay since we’re techies and number crunchers first and foremost. We have no time for semantics—bookkeeping awaits!

That said, we’re pumped to announce that after ample testing (leading to a slight delay in release) your Botkeeper Dashboard just got some major improvements. And when we say major, we mean big, potentially life-changing updates for how you access your critical accounting data. Take a look.

The new Botkeeper Dashboard 2.0 includes these updates and functionalities.

1. Set and compare custom date ranges You can now modify the time frame for all widgets in your dashboard.
Botkeeper Dashboard 2.0 - Timeframe


2. Automate dashboard exports to be delivered to your inbox (image, PDF, csv). You can download or export the entire dashboard or selected widgets within the dashboard. Exporting the entire dashboard will include reports like your cash flow statement, balance sheet, and profit & loss.

Botkeeper Dashboard 2.0 - Export


3. Add widgets for additional data sources in one consolidated view.

    • Advertising
    • Sales & Finance
    • Email
    • SEO
    • Social media
    • Web analytics
    • Plus more!

You’re also now able to add or remove accounts to widgets. There’s no limit to how many widgets you can have included in your dashboard, so you can keep that scroll going.

Botkeeper Dashboard 2.0 - Add Widgets


4. Configure widgets to display the information you want to see. Many data sources have more than one report you’d like to track, and you’re able to set each widget up however you’d like.

You can also customize widget sizes and placements for your own unique dashboard. Some data sources are more important than others, so you can select and modify which ones are front and center. Resize, reposition, remove as you like!

Botkeeper Dashboard 2.0 - Configure Widget


5. Create SMS and email alerts to monitor metrics while you’re away from your dashboard. While you might have your dashboard bookmarked and opened on your browser and phone at all times, we know you sometimes have to look away. That’s why we’ve added customizable alerts (subject to source data options). For example, you can set up an alert to let you know when your website traffic drops.

Botkeeper Dashboard 2.0 - Widget Alerts


6. Create goals for widgets to measure your progress against your business objectives. This is particularly helpful for showing off when your boss or board chair asks how you’re doing on that big Q4 goal.

Botkeeper Dashboard 2.0 - Widget Goals


7. Customized URLs for sharing your dashboard with others. You're able to control who has access with unique URLs, and you may choose to password protect each URL you create and share. 

Botkeeper Dashboard 2.0 - Public url



Access your Dashboard here, and check out all the exciting new features!

Aaron Sullivan

Written by Aaron Sullivan

Aaron is a content marketer with a background in writing and editing for social, email, and blogs. His experience is heavily focused on bookkeeping/finance, entertainment, and beer.