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These 7 Food & Bev Businesses Are Crushing It In 2019

Sep 16, 2019 5:27:48 PM

At Botkeeper, even though our bots and automation work 24/7, we still have a big team of humans who make really important human decisions everyday...like figuring out what/when/where to eat and drink. You know what that’s like!

But fortunately, we live in an amazing time when you can get nearly anything you want at any time of day. You can literally wade through a buffet of buffet options when you’re hungry enough and feel like getting your money’s worth. And just as important to us as the quality of what we eat, we’re also into tech-driven, responsible innovations in the food and beverage industry. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of some recent favorites our team can’t get enough of these days.

Let’s dig in!


Sustainable tech- and eco-friendly farming.

Bowery Farming is the next evolution in farming. Bowery’s a modern farming company that focuses on using technology to control every step in the farming process. They operate indoor, vertical farms to grow the freshest Non-GMO produce that are pesticide-free. 

We’re super impressed with Bowery for lots of reasons, including the fact that they’re trying to solve the global food crisis and update the millennia-old practice of farming (a short order, as you can imagine). As the world’s population surpasses 7 billion people and traditional farming methods begin to strain, the world needs a hero—could it be Bowery?

By employing a data-driven farming strategy—that's right, data-driven farming is a thing—Bowery Farming is considerably more efficient and less destructive than other farming methods. This futuristic farming process controls everything from the seedling’s growth rate to how much simulated sunlight the plants receive through UV lamps. It’s fancy.

In addition to that, Bowery Farming uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture and is 100 times more efficient at utilizing land. Plus, since this is indoor farming in an urban environment, city dwellers get to have freshly grown vegetables much quicker. Local for the win!


An independently owned juice bar helping people lead healthier lives.

Call it a bit of a misnomer, but Juice Generation is more than just juice, and we’re not complaining. Aside from having some of the best smoothies in the Big Apple, Juice Generation also brings the flavors of the rainforest to the city with its acai bowls. Trust us when we say these things are tasty with a capital T.

Juice Generation was founded in 1999 by Eric Helms, who wanted to bring a locally sourced USDA organic certified juice bar to New York City. Helms wanted to make fresh, nutritious juices available to New Yorkers of all lifestyles and backgrounds. 

Beyond the juice, the company is especially active in raising awareness to the importance of having a nutritious lifestyle with initiatives like their Harlem Grown project, which aims to teach young city dwellers the importance of food and nutrition as part of a happy, healthy life. Another noteworthy initiative from Juice Generation is the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, which replants trees around the world to ensure future generations have access to fresh fruits. 

Check them out, and seriously—get an acai bowl. You won’t regret it!


Unique, mail-order smoothies to help you lead your best life.

For a while now, we’ve had our eyes on Daily Harvest, which offers frozen fruit and veggie subscription boxes that include fresh fruit smoothies, bowls, and soups delivered right to your door. By offering this subscription box-style service directly to consumers, Daily Harvest hopes to offer healthy and convenient frozen super-foods to those living a busy lifestyle. 

Of course, a common theme in food today is the importance of fresh—not frozen—ingredients. But that’s not exactly true for Daily Harvest; they’re unapologetically frozen, and here’s why (with a fun fact!): some ingredients are best preserved frozen in order to keep all those juicy nutrients intact.

According to Daily Harvest, freezing certain ingredients immediately after harvest enables them to retain more nutrients than the same ingredients just three days later. For example, blueberries retain 200% more Vitamin C frozen, cauliflower 50% more antioxidants, and frozen spinach packs over 25% more Vitamin E. Regardless of how they do it, we love the fact that Daily Harvest offers us a quick means of getting our daily intake of fruits and veggies. That means we can get our daily nutrients AND streamline business accounting at the same time.

Now pardon the noise while we fire up the office blender….


Peanut butter fanatics who are raising the game when it comes to the sandwich favorite.

Their website is ilovepeanutbutter.com, which annoys us that we didn’t think of that first because what a great URL, right? And holy moly—if you haven’t tried this stuff yet, you’re in for a treat. It’s like peanut butter and your favorite sweet flavor joined to make a spreadable piece of heaven….

Peanut Butter & Co. started in 1998 selling peanut butter sandwiches and only peanut butter sandwiches. Even then, they took their peanut butter seriously, opting to make their own rather than purchase it elsewhere. Fast forward 20 years, and they now grow their own peanuts on a 119-acre farm in northeast Arkansas.  

You might be thinking, “It's just peanut butter,” but no, friend—it’s not. This brand has some of the most refreshingly tasty peanut butter flavors we’ve ever had. We love their White Chocolatey Wonderful, Cinnamon Raisin, and of course the Pumpkin Spice peanut butter. We know—pumpkin spice can be basic. But try it—it’s a game changer!


Boston-based brewing company with solid values and delicious beer.

Shout out to one of our favorite neighbors—Mass. Bay Brewing Co. is as Boston as waiting for the Green Line on a snowy day. This brewery was founded in 1986 by three college buddies after experiencing the beer culture in Europe. They returned to the States, got a brewing license, and have been brewing ever since. 

Being a younger company in downtown Boston, we’re no strangers to Harpoon’s offerings and events. From the ever popular Harpoon Octoberfest to the fun overload that is their St. Patrick's Fest, Harpoon Brewery is always top of mind to Boston residents. 

Harpoon has done well to foster a reputation as a hometown favorite, and the company has the added prestige of being employee-owned, selling 48% of their company to employees as part of an employee stock ownership plan. 

It’s clear these folks practice what they preach when they say, “Love Beer. Love Life.” #same


“Great food with your health in mind.”

Despite what you might think from your Instagram feed, building muscle and living that fit life isn’t easy. Putting in hours at the gym and planning workouts are only parts of the equation; proper nutrition is the other, and Muscle Maker Grill has been trying to simplify the latter since 1995.

Muscle Maker Grill was founded as a nutrition meal plan company designed to help folks at all stages of their fitness journeys, from those just wanting a healthier life through a structured meal plan to those looking to get jacked with 2,700 calories a day. Now, you might not know it based on our name and description, but we here at Botkeeper have bodies to build (we’re not all bots!), and we love the huge, customizable array of dishes they offer. 

MMG focuses on providing balanced yet delicious meals for all types of diets ranging from vegetarian to Keto. They even deliver meals to your home or office, making that goal of getting swole a bit easier. 

Now who’s free to spot me?!


Independent, certified women-owned cafe, coffee roaster, and coffee delivery.

Hats off to NYC’s Cafe Grumpy—in a global industry that’s only 10% female-owned, they’re creating waves with their cafes, bean roasting, and delivery. Moreover, Cafe Grumpy is shaking things up in another big way as a small company—they only have 11 locations from New York to Florida. 

In July 2019, they opened a full-service coffee bar in the Whole Foods Weehawken location, expanding their reach and getting big name recognition from one of the nation’s top grocery chains.

Cafe Grumpy also offers a reasonably priced subscription service to make sure that your home or office never runs dry of quality coffee. We’re also big fans of their logo, which recalls a more rugged—and definitely more grumpy—cousin of our friendly Bot. 


Are you hungry yet?!

All these companies are doing some unexpected, cool stuff to change the food and beverage space for the better, similar to lots of other food and bev. businesses we work with at Botkeeper. One of the most amazing aspects of working with such companies is their penchant for leveraging data to drive innovation forward. And that resonates well with us, as we’re focused on changing the accounting industry for the better with faster, smarter, more accurate, and more cost-efficient bookkeeping. With companies like those listed in this roundup keeping us fed, happy, and healthy, we’re able to keep chipping away at our mission!

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Yanik Fati

Written by Yanik Fati

Yanik is a marketer with training in digital analytics and experience in management. When he is not researching industry trends he's usually in the gym making gains.