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We Have a Verdict: These 7 Law Firms Are Doing Big Things

Oct 22, 2019 1:15:00 PM

We Have a Verdict: These 7 Law Firms Are Doing Big Things | Botkeeper

In addition to being bookkeeping nerds and techies, we at Botkeeper are pretty entrenched in pop culture (that’s what you get when you have a cool company culture that mixes experienced, senior accountants with millennial technophiles!). And recently we talked about the phenomenon that is the TV show Law & Order—have you ever thought about how many versions there are? Now, we know a thing or two about counting stuff (not to brag), and we figured out that there are at least seven American iterations of the hit show.

So how do you choose one to binge watch?! Is law really that...interesting? We don't really know how to answer that last one, but at Botkeeper we work with a lot of law firms that are doing good and impactful things, so we do know a bit about what makes them stand out from the competition. That's why we've pulled together this list of 7 legal firms who are making strong arguments in their favor.

We’re talking about law firms and legal service providers that go above and beyond simply providing counsel. These firms and lawyers are making moves to advance the legal profession in new and innovative ways. From those working to increase the use of data and technology in law to those who choose to represent industry-changing companies like Botkeeper (bots need lawyers, too). 

With that said, let’s take a look at the evidence!


A platform for dynamic advocates to fuel social change.

Advocates for the Urban Justice Center fight for a “just, fair and decent society.” They do that by providing direct legal service, systemic advocacy, community education, and political organizing. Twelve distinct projects compose the UJC, and each one is focused on tackling a major societal problem, from domestic violence to mental health and veterans’ affairs. The UJC even fights for college athlete advocacy to make sure athletes aren’t left eating microwave noodles everyday. They’ve been providing New York City’s most vulnerable—the poor and the homeless—with direct legal services and helping organize for social change since 1984.

As if all that isn’t enough, what makes the Urban Justice Center so special is its scope—the UJC has developed a model for using universal human rights as a framework to hold entire governments accountable. You read that right: entire governments. Did we mention these folks are good at what they do? Just last year, they closed over 9,674 cases helping more than 14,500 people. Who wouldn’t want representation like that?!

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priori_logo_paddedA platform to find, hire, and manage legal counsel without traditional firm costs or infrastructure. 

Priori is in many ways a kindred spirit to Botkeeper—where we can aid as a sort of bookkeeping matchmaker (among many other things!), Priori is a legal talent matchmaker.

That is, it’s a platform that helps companies find and retain legal counsel quickly and seamlessly. Founded by Yale grads Basha Rubin and Mirra Levitt, this group of talented lawyers, designers, and developers help play legal matchmakers, allowing companies to theoretically swipe right with their counsel of choice.

Priori wants to change the legal services industry for the better through its unique, data-driven, request for proposal (RFP) process that allows firms to find, hire, and manage legal counsel at lightning fast speeds. The traditional RFP process is long and drawn out—but not with Priori.

Businesses can choose from a nationally and internationally curated network of legal firms without having to increase cost and headcount quickly. That helps startups grow while remaining lean, and we have no objections to that!


A legal services and tech provider helping clients get better answers to their questions.

If the previous company on this list is Botkeeper’s kindred spirit, Exigent is like Botkeeper’s lawyer twin sister. Exigent is an innovative industry-changing company using AI alongside skilled professionals to help increase efficiency and prevent costly mistakes—it's like Botkeeper, but for the law! (Lawkeeper?! Maybe that’s too much like the name of a sword from Game of Thrones….)

Exigent is a legal services and technology provider that focuses on bringing value to its clients in a new way. What makes them so unique is their focus on data and technology to optimize the entire legal process, regardless of service area (legal, immigration, medical, etc.).

Exigent’s technology helps analyze contracts and other various legal documents through AI and skilled analytical thinkers, then it finds the data in the contracts and turns it into actionable insights. As far as legal services tech goes, we think Exigent is making a case as one of the most impressive firms out there!

mgm-og-socialCoast-to-coast litigation with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

When MG+M calls their collective body “The Law Firm,” they mean it. They’re a “litigation powerhouse,” handling cases in every state in the nation—and doing it well. This firm is battle-hardened and tested, having seen hundreds of cases before all kinds of judges. They also boast a roster of more than 120 seasoned attorneys—that’s a team you don’t want to mess with! 

Despite MG+M’s large, tough reputation, they also have a softer side. MG+M has focused heavily on diversity within the legal profession, and they’ve partnered with the Asian-American Bar Association and the Women’s Bar Association to help promote diversity in the industry.

On top of that, they’re also longtime sponsors of Sodexo Stop Hunger Foundation’s annual dinner. It’s always good to see the big players making big things happen! 


logo_largeA full-service law firm with a commitment to their immediate and extended communities.

For some, success can mean abandoning your roots. Not for the folks at Einhorn Barbarito. This law firm is full of successful attorneys who have collectively earned recognition as one of the Best Law Firms of 2019 from U.S. News—as well as a Best Lawyer recognition—and have been highly rated by Super Lawyers. What could be more impressive than that list of accolades? How about the number of community outreach initiatives they’re involved with?

Founded in Denville, New Jersey, Einhorn Barbarito has done a lot for the Greater New Jersey area—they’re practically a hometown hero. They partner with the local Women’s Center to help single mothers and victims of domestic violence become economically independent.

They raise awareness for Eva’s Village to help with local poverty, hunger, and homelessness initiatives. Founder Pat Barbarito even created the Caroline Fund to raise awareness and funds to battle brain cancer. With such a commitment to positive change, the people at Einhorn Barbarito won’t hear any arguments from us!

Helping clients discover the documents they need to win cases.

How do you know what you can and can’t believe these days? At a time when every mention of “truth” is being questioned, Precision Discovery is on a mission to make evidence the foundation of discovery. Tall order, we know. But finding the evidence and relying on it to determine the merits of a case is what this e-discovery firm is all about, and it seems they’re up to the task.

Through advanced technology, Precision Discovery engages in computer forensics, e-discovery, and IT security-based consulting to help law firms obtain the digital evidence they need to get to the truth. But perhaps one of the more unique traits about this firm is that they’re 100% employee-owned through an employee stock ownership plan. Any objection to that would no doubt be overruled!

exemplar-law-partners-squarelogo-1541026849786Representing companies that are determined to change the world.

“We do cool sh^t, holistically.” It’s stated right on Exemplar’s website (which is an experience of itself, by the way), and they aren’t exaggerating. We thought we were cool, but then we heard about Exemplar and realized we have way more to learn. This firm does everything!

They provide legal, business, tax, and even banking services. As impressive as Exemplar’s versatility is, it’s their client list that has us awestruck. This firm—through an innovative and modern approach to law, business, tax, and capital—has accumulated an impressive list of forward-thinking clients. 

Exemplar works with Micronesia Renewable Energy, which provides stable natural energy to areas that need it due to underdeveloped infrastructure. It represents Sita Couture, a women’s lifestyle apparel company that uses eco-friendly material in its products.
Exemplar also works with Camelot Academy, which is focused on teaching STEM curriculum to the next generation. And for those of us who hate physically going to the doctor, Exemplar even partners with telemedicine platform Flash MD. Part of good business is picking who you want to do business with and based on their client list alone, Exemplar is setting an example.  

Case Closed

Because this post isn’t evidence in a trial, it’s obviously not comprehensive; there are lots of great legal firms and other companies out there doing some amazing stuff, including those in the software and food & bev industries. But those we’ve included in this list are taking a well established industry and doing their best to help it evolve as the world continues to evolve.

Hand about to bang gavel on sounding block in the court room

We’re definitely fans of using data and technology to solve problems, but these firms are examples of how sometimes good, old-fashioned human compassion has to enter the argument to help drive change. 

Part of being able to drive change is having the bandwidth to do so, which is a problem for many companies. But that’s why Botkeeper was created—to help companies save time and money on their daily bookkeeping through human-assisted AI and machine learning.

Learn more about what Botkeeper can do for your firm or business by scheduling a free assessment.


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