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Mylance optimizes your freelance business for taxes, takes over your books, and shares monthly reports with you so you know exactly how your business is doing, and how much to save for taxes. With Mylance, you can focus on your freelance expertise, and leave the accounting to the experts.

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Areas of Specialty

  • Freelancing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Estimated taxes


What do we do

  • Provide clean books by vetted professionals
  • Save you money on taxes
  • Offer a clear financial picture of your business

Cities Served

  • All over the United  States

Expand your horizons

What started out of a love for how freelance life enables people to follow their passions, Mylance goal is to empower more people to live their dream. They do this by reducing the costs and some of the administrative burdens associated with freelancing, inturn empowering more people to embrace the freelance lifestyle.





Mylance is committed to categorize every transaction, maximize your deductions, manage your accountable plan, optimize your business set-up for your individual situation, and providing you with a monthly snapshot of the financial details to help you optimize your business.



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