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Event Mobile App | Eventur

How to download and utilize the event-specific mobile app

What is Eventur?

Eventur is the best mobile conference app for event planners, meeting managers and educators .   The Eventur Multi-Event mobile app can be used standalone or in an integrated conference platform that automates registration, badge printing, agendas, attendance tracking and your continuing education CPE issuance and delivery.

How will we be using Eventur at AI Unchained?

We're stepping up our game for AI Unchained with the use of the "Eventur" mobile app. It's packed with features to make the event run smoothly, and here's how it impacts us and our guests:

Engagement Tracking

When attendees join sessions, the app keeps track. This is crucial as it's how we'll determine who gets CPE credits. Make sure attendees know to keep the app handy during sessions!

Event Info On-the-Go

Anything attendees might want to know? It's in the app! From session times and locations to speaker bios and more, the app's got it covered. If anyone asks you about something event-related, point them to the app.

Badge Printing Kiosk

No more manual check-ins! Attendees will use kiosks that sync with Eventtur to print their badges. Ensure you're familiar with how this works, so you can assist if needed.

Your Role

You're not just here to work the event, but to also provide guidance. So, familiarize yourself with the app. Download it, play around, and understand its features. We're the front line when attendees have questions or face issues. Knowing the ins and outs of the app will help us provide quick and efficient assistance.

How to Download

To access the app, please use the link below for Apple or Android, or visit the App store on your cell phone and search for “AI Unchained.”



  • Login with your Email that was used to register you for the conference.
  • Password: unchained

There is CPE being awarded for many of the AI Unchained sessions. Please be aware that a passcode will be shared at the beginning and end of each session so that you may qualify for the CPE.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: