Introduction to Botkeeper Support

How do I access the knowledge base and help center?

The green question mark icon in the bottom-right corner of any screen will take you to the knowledge base and help center.

The portal’s Resource Center offers helpful guides on using the portal, information about new portal features, and an option to submit support tickets (only available for partner-level users).

Click on the question mark icon (“?”) in the bottom-right corner of the portal to access the Resource Center menu from any screen. 

On the screen, you will see:

  • Knowledge Base & Help Center: Botkeeper created the Knowledge Base & Hep Center to provide you with convenient access to important information on demand. Leveraging it can help you and your team find your answers easily, access resources 24/7, and get new additions to your team up to speed on Botkeeper in far less time.
  • BOS User Resources: Read through our User Guide and see our latest releases via Release Notes. 
  • Partner Marketplace:
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