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How to Sell CAS in 2022: Your First Steps Toward Big Results

More and more of your clients are expecting your firm to go beyond tax and audit services—they need help with financial planning, budgeting, strategy, and more. They need your advisory skills! But how do you get started selling CAS?

Bridging the gap between offering basic bookkeeping and accounting services to CAS isn’t necessarily easy. Firms looking to make this shift might even get swept up in questions like:

  • How can I position my business to be in the role of an advisor?
  • What are best practices when it comes to packaging those services?
  • How do I initiate and sell these services without harming relationships?

In this ebook, we explore how to prepare your firm to sell advisory by appropriately packaging your services, selecting the best clients, and holding a discovery call. Download "Selling CAS in 2022: Your First Steps Toward Big Results" today and start landing bigger client engagements!

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