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5 Small Business Owner Hacks That Enhance Productivity

Oct 2, 2018 11:04:45 PM

TECHeHOW: Enhancing productivity as a small business owner may be on your mind, but the challenges and potential concerns are keeping you from action. Whether you’re starting a small business or hoping to grow an existing one, there are a few hacks that you can employ to get moving in a productive direction.

Here are the top five small business productivity hacks that are essential to growth and success.

Here are the top five small business productivity hacks that are essential to growth and success.

1. Delegate And Automate Tasks

For small business owners who have a few employees, you may want to delegate tasks to free up your productivity. If you want to delegate the task of creating blog content for your business, consider the employee that could potentially be interested, those that have the writing chops.

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If there’s more than one employee who would love to write for your blog, and they have some time to spare every week, distribute the load among them. You could even turn it into a writing contest.

If writing, or another delegated task, isn’t up to par, you will need to delegate other tasks that make sense to their skillset. Look at all the tasks you have on a daily basis, and think how you can delegate them appropriately. You can even look at automation platforms for daily, weekly, and even monthly tasks.

For example, who has time to keep up with accounting and payroll? This is a small business owner time eater. Instead of driving yourself crazy each month trying to sift through invoices, employ an outsourced bookkeeping tool like Botkeeper.

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Jessica Veiga
Written by Jessica Veiga

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