Unmatched Accuracy

With 99.97% accuracy, Botkeeper is your futuristic bookkeeping solution. Rather than a slow, human error-prone and costly human bookkeeper, botkeeper provides you with a robotic bookkeeper assisted by skilled accountants to automate your bookkeeping and accounting.

Built for You

No more manual data entry, or labor intensive work to keep your bookkeeping balanced and up to date. We do the heavy lifting while you keep your finger on the pulse of your financials with a live, interactive dashboard and monthly financials!

Keep your systems

Botkeeper already integrates with your accounting software. By hooking up to the systems you already know and love we'll be able to provide you with a 360-degree view of your business financials, giving you the most optimal accounting possible.

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Built for SaaS

You're a business owner with plenty to keep you busy. We’re the leading bookkeeping solution with experience serving SaaS, Software, and Tech Companies. We'll handle your bookkeeping, while you focus on what matters most.

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Built to make your business thrive

Botkeeper helps business owners get a handle on the inner workings of their businesses. We'll completely automate your bookkeeping tasks while providing total visibility into your overall business via customizable dashboards. You'll be able to keep your finger on the pulse with at-a-glance metrics to keep you on top of every aspect of the business. Kick back and watch as Botkeeper operates your business bookkeeping, pays your bills, reconciles your accounts—all for 50% less than a traditional bookkeeper or outsourced firm. Botkeeper will manage cash flow, track product development and S&M expenses with ease. We'll also calculate and track the lifetime value per customer, customer acquisition cost, payback period, MRR & ARR, churn, the rule of 40, etc. You'll receive audit-ready and GAAP compliant financials, automated invoicing, and more!



Integrates With Your Existing Software & Systems

Keep your Quickbooks Online or Xero. We'll integrate with your existing software, as well as your other financial (and even non-financial) software and systems!


Superior AI and Senior Accountants

Our AI and machine learning handles the data entry. Senior accountants oversee and verify. You get 24/7 accounting and support for a fraction of the typical cost. 


The Botkeeper Best Price Promise

We are so confident in our offering that we promise to beat the pricing of any outsourced firm offering the same services. 

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We're is so confident you will prefer our services over your current bookkeeper or outsourced firm, that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee (see main site for details). Bring your bookkeeping into the future with Botkeeper!