Unmatched Accuracy

With 99.97% accuracy, Botkeeper is your futuristic bookkeeping solution. Rather than a slow, human error-prone and costly human bookkeeper, we'll provide you with a robotic bookkeeper and skilled accountants to automate your bookkeeping.

Built for YOU

No more manual data entry, or labor intensive work to keep your bookkeeping balanced and up to date. We do the heavy lifting while you keep your finger on the pulse of your financials with a live, interactive dashboard and monthly financials!

Keep Your Software

We already integrate with your accounting software. By hooking up to the systems you already know and love, we'll be able to provide you with a 360-degree view of your business financials, giving you the most optimal accounting possible. 

Why Work with Botkeeper?

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A bookkeeping solution tailored to your needs

Botkeeper was built to scale from startup to Fortune 5000 company. By combining machine learning, artificial intelligence, and expert senior accounting, Botkeeper can be your first bookkeeper or replace the need for an entire accounting department. Our software coalesces your various data sources; applying rules, process, and calculations to give you the most insightful custom reporting and dashboards while eliminating costly and error-prone manual accounting. Our automated bookkeeping solution will automatically extract data off receipts, process payroll, pay bills, send invoices, reconcile accounts, and generate beautiful reports.
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Restaurant and Hospitality

Backed by decades of combined senior accountant experience, you can expect a restaurant-specific general ledger, a cashflow focused approach, the overseeing of your payroll, the overseeing of your POS system, food and liquor cost analysis, extended insight into the total monthly operational costs (utilities, cleaning, supplies), inventory management, and real-time 445 reporting. LEARN MORE!

non profit


Forget about keeping up with the complications of non-profit accounting. We'll ensure that your books are clean and audit-ready 24/7. Having timely and accurate financial records is one of the most vital responsibilities facing every nonprofit organization. We'll be behind the scenes to handle everything while providing bank account reconciliations, income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, etcLEARN MORE!


professional services

Professional Services

Monitor your bills, see the health of your business, have better insight into the total monthly operational costs (labor, travel, and marketing costs), let botkeeper manage payroll, hand off contractor payments and 1099 filings. See Specific Project Cost and expenses, receive commission tracking reports, oversee invoicing and collections, and understand how long it will take to break even LEARN MORE!

bookkeeping for software tech, saas

Software, Tech, SaaS

Manage cash flow while tracking product development and S&M expenses with ease. Calculate and track the lifetime value per customer, customer acquisition cost, payback period, MRR & ARR, churn, rule of 40, etc. Get audit-ready and GAAP compliant financials. Let Botkeeper automate your invoicing, have better insight into the organization's total monthly operational costs (dev, compute, payroll), and more! LEARN MORE!


bookkeeping for dentists

Dental Practice

Properly monitor the total number of active patients and active preventive care patients. Determine doctor-to-hygiene productivity ratios and make changes appropriately. Monitor your bills, know the health of your dental practice, prevent scheduling gaps, and ensure that your scheduling remains financially healthy. Have better insight into the total monthly operational costs (equipment, supplies, payroll), and more! LEARN MORE!

bookkeeping for manufacturers


Manage equipment cost, equipment leases and/or repayment plans with ease. Keep tabs on your bills and know the health of your manufacturing company. Better insight into the total monthly operational costs (utilities, maintenance, supplies). Track inventory: raw materials, in progress, and finished goods. Leave invoicing and expense tracking to botkeeper. Optimize production costs and efficiency, and more! LEARN MORE!

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Botkeeper is so confident you will prefer our services over your current bookkeeper or outsourced firm, that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If within the first 30 days of signing with botkeeper you decide to return to your prior bookkeeper or outsourced firm, we will refund half of all the fees paid prior to receiving a written request for termination. Try our bookkeeping services today!