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Botkeeper For Startups Partner Program

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Botkeeper's Startup Partner Program will enhance the value you bring to your members.

Up until pretty recently, Botkeeper was a lean and scrappy startup. As we've grown, we’ve gained even more respect and enthusiasm for the startup community. Through our Startup Partnerships, our goal is to help startups get financially healthy so they can scale.  

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Exclusive Benefits

Access to select offers from Botkeeper's Preferred Partners. Access to co-branded content and materials for partner-specific campaigns. We'll work together to bring new value to your members.

Startup Partners

Startup Discounts

Botkeeper for Startups teaches early-stage companies how to better manage their bookkeeping, and we provide them with the tools to do it at a cost that makes sense.

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Ongoing Education

We create ongoing, high-quality content designed for startups. With ongoing webinars and training, we will help ensure that your members managing their accounting to the highest degree. 

Become an Startup Partner - 1-01

Who is it for?

Botkeeper's Startup Partner Program is for VC firms, accelerators, and incubators that are working hard to help startups scale and grow. Give your members and clients special access to the tools and education they need to keep their businesses running. 


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Program Benefits

Here's an overview of the program with little taste of what's next. 


Custom Startup Reporting

Your members will need to have board-ready financials if the right investment opportunity comes around. Look forward to an investor reporting and quarterly update, accurate and on-time financials every month, cash burn, runway, forecast comparison, and more!


The Next Big Advancement in Accounting

Botkeeper provides hundreds of startups with a full suite of bookkeeping services to effortlessly deliver accurate and insightful dashboards and reporting. Best of all, Botkeeper scales with our clients from startup to Fortune 5000 company.


Better, Faster, Smarter

Using machine learning that has been exposed to millions of financial transactions, we are now able to fully automate your bookkeeping department with human-assisted AI. See a massive reduction of human error, superior reporting, as well as real-time and 24/7 data entry. Plus, our clients reduce their bookkeeping costs by 30-50% while accuracy increases.


Why Partner with Botkeeper?

Bring new value to your members with the Botkeeper Startup Partner Program. Provide an even better experience for your startups while helping them keep their overhead low, finances clean, and accuracy high. Botkeeper makes businesses more productive while reducing stress and maximizing efficiency.