Member Discounts

Your members and clients will be able to access the best bookkeeping solution for startups, saving on costs while keeping their financials flawless. With 99.97% accuracy, we're able to replace the need for a bookkeeper, or even an entire bookkeeping department for pennies on the dollar!

Startup Specific Reporting

Our Founders created Botkeeper to solve the bookkeeping headaches they experienced at prior ventures. Botkeeper thus provides hundreds of startups with a full suite of bookkeeping services to deliver accurate and insightful dashboards and reporting, effortlessly. 

Hooks Up to Your Tools

Botkeeper plugs into your various data sources and processes the data (using machine learning, rules, and algorithms) to deliver real-time custom reporting and dashboards. Seamlessly integrates with your QBO, Xero, Gusto, CRM, and more!

Why Partner with Botkeeper?

Continue to enable your Startup's success with the Botkeeper Platform. Our members get access to a seamless experience, while keeping costs low, and accuracy high

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Available & Ready to Rock.

With Botkeeper, our clients are able to offload the day to day blocking and tackling of bookkeeping (data entry, reconciliations, classifications), allowing them to focus on running their business. We're working around the clock, and offering the best-in-class support whether you're pre-launch, or fortune 500 company. With Botkeeper you'll get;
  • Reduction of human error
  • Better, faster reporting
  • Real-time and 24/7 data entry
  • Bookkeeping options starting from completely FREE


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