Custom Branded Pricing Pages

What can be customized on the Custom Branded Pricing Page?

The Custom Branded Pricing Page allows for specific customizations, such as which packages to display.

The Custom Branded Pricing Pages are built on a framework that ensures continuity, mobile optimization, speed of delivery, and ideal on-page user experience, and therefore, certain aspects of the page are part of the overall structure and cannot be changed. Available areas of customization include:

  • The header/banner image (which we'll ideally match to your website for a consistent look and feel)
  • Font choice
  • Main branding color
  • Choice of module display (bookkeeping, CFO, and tax modules available)
  • Which packages within the modules to display (ie under "Bookkeeping" you may include 1-3 packages options: Core, Pro, Custom to reflect the level of service). This applies to all modules.
  • Price markup via your choice of pre-defined multiples (increase pricing result by 2x, 3x, 10x, etc...) on both the bookkeeping and CFO packages
  • Total customization of the Tax packages, including feature options, naming conventions, and pricing.