Pricing and Packaging

Pricing and plans

Determining your client entity package involves three main considerations.

How do I know which pricing plan is right for my firm and clients?

Our pricing packages are designed to accommodate the varying needs of your clients based on the number of expenses they incur each month. By choosing the package that best fits your firm's needs, you can ensure that your clients receive the best possible service at a price that works for everyone. If you need help determining which package is right for you, our pricing page provides a detailed breakdown of the different services we offer. Alternatively, our specialists are available to walk you through an assessment and help you make an informed decision. Rest assured that we regularly review your plan and will notify you one month in advance if your average monthly expense level has changed, so you always know what to expect.

Head over to our pricing page to compare the different services, or you can connect with one of our specialists to talk live!

How do I determine what my client entity package should be?

There are three areas that factor into your client entity package determination.

  • Entity Size
  • Basic or Advance service offering
  • Bookkeeping Frequency

      The first area to calculate will be your client entity size. To do this, you will take the 12 month average of your client entity's expenses. The monthly expense amount includes the cost of goods sold, but your w-2 employee payroll (salary, benefits, taxes, etc.) should be subtracted out. Additional things to note:

      • Subcontractors paid via the accounts payable system are not considered payroll for the purposes of this calculation
      • Depreciation expenses, whether annual or monthly, should be included in your monthly expense calculation 
        • It may not initially appear that Botkeeper will manage these transactions, but it does via the acquisition expenses, improvement(s) expenses, and/or with the sale of the asset(s) as they respectively occur

      Once you know your client entity's average monthly expense you can use the following table to determine the name of the entity type:

      In this example, let's say your client entity's average monthly expense is $145,000. This equates to an entity type of "Microbot."


      The next area to consider is what service offering this client entity needs: Basic or Advanced.

      • Basic includes the following service offerings:
        • Transaction Categorizations
        • Basic Payroll Categorization
        • Simple Month End Journal Entries
        • Basic Schedule Maintenance with Monthly Journal Entry
        • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations
        • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, & Statement of Cash Flow
        • Overall book review for unusual balances or discrepancies
      • Advanced - includes all service offerings from the Basic package in addition to the following service offerings:
        • Advanced Payroll Categorization
        • Autonomous AP Processing
        • Applying Payments to AR Invoices
        • CC Merchant & POS Reconciliation
        • Inventory Reconciliation
        • Enhanced Ongoing Report Support
        • Monthly Standard Invoicing
        • QBO W-9 Requests
        • Tracking
          • Class & Department
          • Job / Project

      In this example, let's say you want the basic service offering for this client entity.


      The last area to consider is the Bookkeeping Frequency. How often do you want Botkeeper to manage your client's bookkeeping?

      • Weekly - Books managed once a week*
      • Daily - Books managed once a day

      * Botkeeper may increase the frequency the books are being serviced, but this is not a guarantee. If you need an increased frequency you may want to consider the daily package for this client entity.

      In this example, let's say you want the books to be managed weekly.

      After taking all 3 components of this client entity into consideration the resulting package is a Microbot Basic Weekly package.

      Will a change in an entity size impact my monthly subscription price?

      Yes, your client entity size can alter your subscription price. Client entity sizes are reviewed on a calendared, quarterly basis. If your client entity has a large, material change, your Account Manager will inform you that your billing may be adjusted on a future invoice to account for the entity in question.