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Healthcare Accounting

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Running the accounting or bookkeeping for a healthcare company can be challenging.

You’re running the bookkeeping or accounting for a healthcare company which means you've got your hands full.  Let Botkeeper’s world-class accounting automation software and healthcare accounting services help. Designed to save you time on redundant healthcare bookkeeping responsibilities, our simplified healthcare accounting solutions streamline the processes so you can easily handle the books and focus on more important things.


Save Time on Complex Accounting

As an accountant or bookkeeper for a healthcare provider, your financial matters are complex. You have to track lots of expensive treatments that are processed through insurance companies and installment payment plans meaning things can quickly become overwhelming. Organizing the finances and preparing to file taxes is challenging when you have so many assets to manage and expenses to track. With Botkeeper, you’ll save time and money, reduce tax risks, and prove ROI. Our tools make it easy to categorize expenses and generate detailed reports for the healthcare business. We even integrate with software the healthcare provider may already using, like QuickBooks. It’s bookkeeping—simplified.


Superior AI and Senior Accountants  

Botkeeper combines skilled accountants with automated data entry through machine learning and AI to provide high-quality accounting services for healthcare providers, including physicians, hospitals, urgent care facilities, and more. Get incredible insight into financials with unlimited reporting, beautiful dashboards, and round-the-clock support. With a general ledger and a unique dashboard customized for their needs, you’ll have real-time access to the financials so you easily understand the margins and can make changes on the fly.


Unmatched Value

Fully automate the daily healthcare bookkeeping tasks—including payments and invoicing—without needing to hiring or training a full-time bookkeeper. Keep close tabs on the business metrics and financial health. Monitor job performance. Gain complete visibility into important financial statements like accounts payable, cash flow, and profit and loss reports. Ensure seamless integration, improved operating efficiencies, and ongoing compliance. Working with an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)? Botkeeper can help ensure a proper understanding of how ACOs work and keep you in compliance. Get a solution that’s faster, cheaper, and more reliable than traditional health industry bookkeeping.

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Botkeeper is Your Go-To Healthcare Accounting Solution

Keeping track of the expenses is extremely time-consuming. But the more detailed and comprehensive the systems are, the better your tax season outcome will be. Botkeeper is dedicated to helping keep up with expenses on the go and ensuring you’re running the financial aspect of the business as accurately and efficiently as possible. If you want to create accurate, economical accounting reports for a healthcare business, our healthcare bookkeeping software can help. We have the right bookkeeping solution for every business, customized to their specific needs.

My favorite thing about Botkeeper is the fact that it is super easy to use, and when I have a question they provide detailed step-by-step instructions at all hours.
Rob May
CEO, Talla
Botkeeper has been a huge asset to the business so far. It is not only incredibly accurate but allows peace of mind with the financials.
Hanson Grant
CEO, ThinkBoard
I would 100% recommend Botkeeper to any growing company looking to scale their operations.
Ben Maitland
CEO, Pretty Instant
By having a team like Botkeeper, I can concentrate on growing the business.
Jonathan Bello
Owner & Managing Partner, One 8 Solutions
Botkeeper has changed the way I prioritize and organize my cash flow. It has simplified my finances and invoicing so I can focus on running my business. Outsourcing my bookkeeping, which was scary at first, has now become an attractive and necessary part of my growth. They always have the answers I need when I’m ready to take the next steps, and I trust them to help me get there.
Sam Kanter
Owner & Operator | Sam Kanter Events
We considered a traditional live and local bookkeeper but chose Botkeeper because of its features and price point. They have delivered on all promises. Our accounting was a real mess, and it took 3 months to get it all cleaned up and organized. But they pulled it off, and things are much better now. With Botkeeper, the company’s accounting won’t get out of hand again. They have exceeded my expectations and delivered as expected without any friction points. I would highly recommend Botkeeper.
Dr. Freddys Garcia
Director of Product Development and Marketing, Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology, Carrick Institute
Responsive: They have a very quick response time for questions/issues/reports/etc. Customizable: We're developing our systems and engagement with Botkeeper as our needs evolve. They're more than bookkeepers; they're thought partners as well. Convenient: The day-to-day, like processing invoices and sending payments, is a breeze. We used to do a lot manually and hard copy, but with Botkeeper we can use email, the app, and the online portal, depending on what's fastest and easiest for us.
Theodora Higginson Hann
Co-Executive Directo, Tech Goes Home
Botkeeper took all of the pain out of our bookkeeping. I sleep easy knowing that people who are better than me are looking at our books. And they even went back into our historical data and found a few problem areas. Great service overall!
Aki Balogh
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer | MarketMuse
As a startup without a dedicated accounting department, Botkeeper helped us clean years of books in the blink of an eye. Without their help, I have no idea how we would have gotten everything ready for our acquisition.
Nick Dougherty
CEO & Founder | VerbalCare
Botkeeper most certainly stood out in their ability to leverage technology as well as human capital—at a very attractive price point—to accomplish a number of accounting processes. The Botkeeper feature that was most appealing was the combination of cutting-edge technology coupled with the human element. This aspect on top of the technology that Botkeeper has built is a winning combination. Things get done so efficiently now—we've drastically cut down the risk of human error.
Jon Medeiros
Head of Finance | Ovia Health
Getting started with Botkeeper was easy. I literally just provided account login access, and the rest was taken care of for me. Really easy setup.
Kevin Foley
Owner, Crossfit Homebase
We definitely saved money, but we also saved our COO a ton of time. Now I know we're not going to miss a payment on anything, and I feel confident that there won’t be any hiccups.
Steve Hooper
CEO, Kigo Kitchen
I’m a huge fan of Botkeeper. It’s cheaper, faster, and more accurate than any other bookkeeping’s a no-brainer.
Jordan Fliegel
CEo, Draft
I’ve had a great experience working with Botkeeper. I was up and running in less than an hour, and they have managed my books efficiently and effectively. I recommend their services fully and without hesitation.
Nate Wolfson
Certified EOS Implementer & Business Coach | Cultivate Traction

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