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7 min read

8 Tips for Getting Your Firm Acquired

There are lots of reasons why a CPA firm might be ready for acquisition. Business climate changes, firm growth, or...

7 min read

5 Questions CPA Firms Should Consider Before Returning to Work

Returning to work is on the minds of many, along with questions around how to approach the task. It won’t be easy for...

6 min read

COVID-19 and Beyond: Big Decisions for CPA firms

The coronavirus pandemic is pushing people from every industry (and all walks of life) to make big changes to the way...

8 min read

Reopening Your CPA Firm After COVID: Expectations vs. Reality

At some point in life, everyone experiences the disappointment that comes when they realize their expectations didn't...

4 min read

CPA Firm Leadership: How to Address Layoffs

There's been a lot of energy put toward modeling our economy during the COVID-19 crisis on past events, whether it be...

10 min read

Is Your CPA Firm’s Culture Intact?

CPA firms are looking at the future of their businesses and coming to terms with new realities; working remotely,...

3 min read

Botkeeper Celebrates Five Years & Accounting

It all started with a near disaster—a cash catastrophe, if you will.

Botkeeper CEO and cofounder Enrico Palmerino was...

6 min read

Accountant’s Guide to Zapier: Adding New Clients to a Marketing Welcome Campaign in Mailchimp

A new client is added to QBO, and simultaneously that client is added to your marketing welcome campaign in Mailchimp.

9 min read

Do You Have Info ROT? What It Is & How To Avoid It

We’ve come a long way from using floppy disks and CDs to store our business data and files. These days, many people...

8 min read

What AI & ML Are Doing Today to Shape the Future of Accounting

As more and more companies and accounting firms are looking for solutions to speed up various business processes,...

5 min read

Botkeeper Joins the FDX to Help Drive the Future of Financial Data Management

As a leader in the accounting automation space, we’re overjoyed to join the Financial Data Exchange (FDX), a nonprofit...

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