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7 min read

Want Happy Accounting Clients? These Strategies Will Help

There’s a lot of chatter in accounting circles and on accounting social media about the importance of client advisory...

6 min read & Botkeeper Have Teamed Up—Here's Why That's Good for Accounting

In July of this year, we announced a new partnership with, a fellow pioneer of automation with a target on the...

8 min read

The 5 Deliverables Businesses Really Want From a Virtual CFO

With emerging softwares and progress in automation, the role of the modern accountant is changing. We’re not saying...

8 min read

Your Firm & Open Banking Apps—Here's How to Take Full Advantage

Remember going to the bank? We used to do it all the time for virtually every financial task related to our personal...

7 min read

When's the Perfect Time to Offer CAS Services?

The accounting industry is changing, and more business owners are looking to accountants as trusted resources for...

9 min read

Which Financial Statements Have the Biggest Impact on Client Success?

Sometimes entering a new client engagement can feel like walking into a middle school cafeteria after a food...

8 min read

How to Use Your Client's P&L to Create Advisory Opportunities

It’s one of the most valuable reports a business owner can have: the profit and loss statement. But too often,...

7 min read

How Bookkeeping Fits Into CAS & Why You Should Set it to Autopilot

You know good bookkeeping is at the heart of healthy financials—and client advisory services (CAS), too. Whether...

8 min read

Explore These 8 Promising Market Verticals for CAS Practice Growth

This might seem counterintuitive, but narrowing your firm’s focus to specialize in one or a few markets can actually...

8 min read

How Much Does it Cost to Recreate Your Accounting Tech Stack?

Technology and business are more ingrained than ever before. A lot of business has moved online, simultaneously...

8 min read

Follow These Marketing Best Practices to Drive More CAS Leads

As the leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith wrote, “what got you here won’t get you there.” And when it comes to...

9 min read

What Accounting Firms Need to Know to Overcome Talent Retention Challenges

Talent shortage is a problem in accounting. It has been for decades, and it’s only getting worse. Firms face a...

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