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9 min read

Should Your Firm Charge for Initial Assessment? These Are the Pros & Cons

Are you charging potential clients for initial assessments? If not, your firm may be burning money—and missing out on...

8 min read

If You're Targeting Growth, Avoid These 7 Common Pitfalls in Accounting Automation

In a detail-oriented profession like accounting, it can be difficult to transition to a more hands-off approach after...

7 min read

4 Common Pitfalls in Advisory (and How To Avoid Them)

Believe it or not, there’s a lot accountants can learn from professional sports. Take the Olympic steeplechase event in...

9 min read

Selling CAS in 2021: Your First Steps Toward Big Results

The accounting industry is changing, and with it comes a change to how accounting firms service their clients.


7 min read

Still Confused About How AI Helps Accountants? This Article Will Help

We live in an amazing age where seemingly every problem can be fixed by a specific tool or piece of technology. You...

7 min read

Planning to Sell Your Accounting Firm? Start Here, and Start Today

Regardless of if you’ve decided that a sale is your end goal, you should be running your firm like you’re going to...

8 min read

How Your Firm Defines CAS Will Determine Your Growth Strategy

Can you imagine a world without acronyms? Communication would without a doubt be more of a chore, and it would take...

7 min read

A 360º Data View Will Transform Your Firm into a Super Force

The role of accounting professionals has been in constant evolution for decades. Traditionally, accountants and CPAs...

9 min read

Accounting Firm Growth Depends on Your Ability to Segment Your Audience

Whenever your accounting firm is looking for growth, it essentially has two options. Option one is to look for the...

7 min read

How Better Results Are Tied to Process Improvement | An Interview With Chris Barnes

Until last year, every tax season was virtually the same as the year before, which meant that firms could get by doing...

6 min read

Overcoming Common Agile Software Development Struggles | Thoughts From Botkeeper Engineering

As a company that straddles two essential industries—accounting and technology—we have a unique opportunity to share...

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