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6 min read

Overcoming Common Agile Software Development Struggles | Thoughts From Botkeeper Engineering

As a company that straddles two essential industries—accounting and technology—we have a unique opportunity to share...

6 min read

Pilot's $100m Funding Round: What it Means for the Accounting Profession

The field of competition for accounting firms just got a bit more interesting, and not in a good way.


7 min read

Is Your Firm 'Modern'? Look at How You Hire to Find Out

Every accounting firm is a business, but does that mean your firm should function like a traditional company? A...

9 min read

Firms Should Prioritize Internal Growth If They Want Comprehensive Growth

Running any business is like riding a roller coaster: it’s only fun and exciting if the whole thing keeps moving....

6 min read

You Already Use Automation, But Are You Getting the Most Value From It?

This may come as a hard truth for those who fear change, but there’s no escaping automation. We come in contact with...

5 min read

Should Congress Extend the 2021 Tax Deadline?

Citing COVID-related issues from last year and a need to provide relief to taxpayers, lawmakers have asked the IRS to...

7 min read

Who Benefits the Most From Automation at Your Firm?

New tech can give accounting firm owners and partners mixed emotions. On one hand, there’s the hope of improving...

6 min read

How Diversity and Inclusion Benefits Your Accounting Firm

There’s a preconception that the accounting industry is very “traditional.” And in many ways, that’s a positive; good...

6 min read

These New Strategies Will Save You Seasonal Hiring Stress

We’ve all heard about or experienced firsthand some awful stories about hiring for tax season, and we do our best to...

5 min read

Botkeeper Creates A Superior Credential Management Process —Introducing Password Manager

Accounting professionals have a lot on their plates—even during slower times of the year. But having to store, manage,...

9 min read

How to Launch New Accounting Services (Step-by-Step)

What are all businesses—accounting firms included—trying to achieve on a daily basis?

Sustainable growth!


9 min read

Maximize Every Client's Revenue to Drive Rapid Growth

We hear about accounting firm growth strategies all the time, but when it comes to putting a plan into action, many...

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