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Smart Connect uses progressive technology to quickly and easily link all of your client's financial data for a completely revolutionized month-end close....without the traditional limitations of incorrect passwords, misplaced sticky notes, security barriers, tedious manual logins.  



The future of accounting firm productivity

Managing client financial data has never been easier

Using a highly secure connection service, Botkeeper's Smart Connect functionality creates a direct link to your client's bank and credit card accounts, delivering bank statements for over 4600+ financial institutions, while handling multi-factor authentication, security questions, and one-time passcodes via text or phone calls- so you can get out of the sticky notes and back to business.

5-Star Reviews

Happy Clients

Average Partner Hours Saved Per Month


Experience Stronger connections in seconds

Pull in your client account data from over 16,000 financial institutions across the US and Canada in just a few simple steps- no technical skills required. 

Let Smart Connect seamlessly handle multi-factor authentication security questions and one-time passcodes via text or phone calls- so you can get back to business. 

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Optimization without Effort

Supercharge your efficiency with a consolidated view of your client accounts, real-time connection status, balance information, aggregated cash available, credit used, and net cash.

Keep your finger on the pulse with email notification capabilities for when client account credentials change or get disconnected.

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All your client banking data. All in one place.

Manage your client's financial data in one secure location. Effortlessly access a consolidated view and transaction-level details with a few simple clicks.

Safeguard your client data with bank-grade security and 256-bit encryption within the Botkeeper platform. Never again worry about that sticky note floating around the office with your client's login info!


Leave the bookkeeping to Botkeeper so you can focus on driving greater value for your clients. 

Bring your accounting or bookkeeping firm into the future with the Botkeeper Partner Platform, an all-in-one financial platform to manage all bookkeeping, communicate with clients, and innovate your practice. Provide a seamless experience for your clients while keeping costs low and accuracy high. Botkeeper makes your firm more productive while reducing stress and providing you with time for more important tasks.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We get it. We also have answers. 

  • What is Smart Connect?

    Botkeeper Smart Connect provides secure access to your clients’ financial accounts with real-time visibility into account balances, transaction details, and the most recent bank statements.

  • What can Smart Connect do?

    1. Connect your financial institutions and their respective accounts.
    2. Display which accounts are connected or disconnected.
    3. Provide transaction details when you click on an account.
    4. Prepare customizable transaction lists as CSV files. 
    5. Fetch bank statements for Finicity-certified financial institutions. Once your client sets up the connection, bank statements are available for the previous 6 months on a rolling basis. 
    6. Automatically notify you if/when an account has been disconnected.
    7. Displays all financial accounts with balance information, connection status, aggregate cash available, credit used, and net cash.
  • What types of accounts can be connected through Smart Connect?

    Checking, savings, credit card, line of credit, loan, money market, CDs, investments, and mortgage accounts. The transaction details page currently supports checking, savings, and credit card accounts. Statement fetching is available for all account types, but it’s only available to select financial institutions (more than 4,600 and growing!).