Close Tracker

Get instant info on your clients' close status with two handy views. No more guessing.




Are the books closed? It shouldn't be a mystery.

Scrambling to figure out a client's close status? Viewing and managing this information just got a whole lot easier with the efficiency of Close Tracker. Grab statuses on all your clients in a single view with the Close Tracker module, or zoom in on a single client's close status using the Close Tracker tab in our Bot Review module. Update statuses on the fly. Why wasn't it always this easy?

Close-tracker-bot-review Botkeeper

See all your clients' closing statuses at once. Spiffy.

Using the new Close Tracker module, you'll be able to see and manage the close status for all your clients at once. Prioritize your staff's work, see who is assigned to each client, and just generally make your life spiffy. You can even add notes to highlight any important details about the close. See? Spiffy.

Close-tracker-window Botkeeper Infinite

Drill down on a single client's closing status.

If you're already working on a particular client, you can easily view and manage their close status using the Close Status tab within our Bot Review module. Both handy and dandy, the Close Tracker tab quickly breaks down the client's closing specifics with an easy-to-read history. No muss, no fuss. Quick and easy.

Okay, we're out of clichés.



We have no clue who put the pop in the pop she-bop she-bop. But we can answer these:

  • What is Close Tracker?

    Close Tracker allows you to easily view and manage the close status for all your clients at once using the Close Tracker module located on the left navigation when no particular client has been selected. If you've already selected a client to work on, you can jump to the Close Tracker tab in Bot Review to see their closing status—keeping you from having to pop out of your work to get the information you need.

  • What's the difference between the two Close Tracker views?

    Botkeeper's left navigation is dynamic. Once you've chosen a client to work on, the options change.

    When no client is chosen, this is referred to as the "Global View," and in this view, Close Tracker appears on the left nav. Clicking it will display closing statuses across all your clients.

    What a specific client has been chosen, this is referred to as "Client View." Here, Close Tracker is instead found in the Bot Review module as a tab. Results there will pertain only to the client selected.

  • If I update a client in the Close Tracker tab, will it reflect in the Close Tracker module?

    Yes! And vice versa. 


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