JE Automation

Record loan splits with incredible accuracy and efficiency... so you can split, too—on time.




Generate loan schedules fast, and see all your client's loans in one place.

Recording principal/interest splits for loans manually is about as much fun as chewing glass (no shame if you're into that sort of thing). With our JE Automation tool, you just enter the relevant loan info, and in no time at all you have a full loan schedule at your fingertips, with journal entries automatically posted to QBO.

Click into the details of any one loan, or see them all at once, along with summary information that lets you know where the client's accounts stand. In a sea of information, you're the shark. The loan shark. But not that kind.


Set up loans easily

Set up all the details so everything is smoothly recorded. Just fill in a quick form and watch in amazement as your journal entries become your new best friends. Edit details at any time. You're in control, so everything is going to be copacetic.


Review schedules in detail, adjust on the fly, or download them for offline use

Check out that payment schedule! See what's due when, neatly divided into principal and interest. Get all the loan details you need to see, and chart progress to payoff. Adjust the schedule when the client pays more, or adds a payment. Enter a reconciliation date, and Botkeeper will automatically the balance to the schedule—and flags it for your review if it doesn't.

Could loans actually be fun?! Well, no. Probably not. But they can definitely be easier.




"Who does your hair," is something we hear often. But also these.

  • What is JE Automation?

    The highly manual work of recording journal entries for loan splits (principal and interest) is now automated with JE Automation. This feature is only available for Botkeeper Infinite users using QBO on our tech-only platform. The JE automation module only supports loan splits for stated rate loans in this release, but will open to other JE and interest types in the near future. 

  • What if the client adds a payment?

    Pfft. Like that's a problem. You can easily make adjustments to the schedule to account for any curves that might get thrown your way. 

  • What kinds of interest are supported?

    For now, the JE Automation module only handles stated rate interest loans. However, we will be adding updates in the near future to cover other types.


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