Transaction Insights

You’ve invested in Botkeeper.

Now, with Transaction Insights, you can see how much time and effort it’s saving you with each client as time goes on. Magic!



The egghead in the first row of the class


Just how well is machine learning performing?

Transaction Insights has the answers. With your previous month’s close Transaction Snapshot, you’ll get valuable insights into how our machine learning performed for your client. You also get a chart of the machine’s performance across the previous six months, so you can marvel at the efficiency. Just don’t shoot any spitballs.

TI072023 Monthly close__2

Who did what, when?


Is there anything better than watching your work melt away?

Transaction Insights also shows you who processed the transactions over the past six months. Over time, you’ll watch as our automation steadily takes on more of the work, freeing you and your client to attend to more important things.

TI072023 Transactions processed by_3


We know why the sky is blue, but also this stuff.

  • What is Transaction Insights?

    Transaction Insights is the best way to see how automated the transaction categorization is for each of your clients, so you can see how Botkeeper is working for you.

  • What do you mean by “High, Medium, and Low” Confidence?

    When AutoPush categorizes your transactions, it estimates how confident it is in its categorization. You can fine tune your portal based on those rankings to surface transactions you want to review.

  • What’s the difference between “Botkeeper Team” and “AutoPush?”

    The Botkeeper Team refers to our team of senior accountants, who will review and update certain transactions based on need. AutoPush is our super-spiffy automated categorization, which eventually will do most of the work without ever being touched by human hands. Which is good. No one wants germs all over their categorizations.


Bring your accounting or bookkeeping firm into the future with the Botkeeper Operating System, an all-in-one financial platform to manage all bookkeeping, communicate with clients, and innovate your practice. Provide a seamless experience for your clients while keeping costs low and accuracy high. Botkeeper makes your firm more productive while reducing stress and providing you with time for more important (and more valuable!) tasks.