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Watch as Transaction Manager quickly categorizes your data, uses your input to learn on the fly, and takes your firm to the next level.




There are countless challenges associated with transaction categorization.

Outdated tools, misplaced resources, tedious data entry, and accuracy issues all present major barriers to efficiency, diversification, and growth- until now. Using best-in-class machine learning, and an experienced verification team, Botkeeper's Transaction Manager takes the bulk of the work off of your plate by eliminating the traditional challenges with categorizations, opening the door for firms to achieve their goals. 

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Botkeeper's machine learning modules use a combination of historical data, and macro data, to intuitively auto-categorize your client's transactions. If our machine is less than 97% confident in the categorization, a skilled Botkeeper Accountant jumps in to assist, and trains the machine, ensuring outreach to you is only leveraged as needed. The result is rapidly processed categorizations, always up-to-date financials, maximum efficiency, beyond-human accuracy, and fewer interruptions for you and your clients!


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Maximize Efficiency and Accuracy

Enhancing your firm with practical automation

  • Ditch the endless back-and-forth email communication, stop chasing your clients for answers, and grab your valuable time back  

  • Watch as the machine's level of accuracy improves with each and every transaction, remembering every detailed nuance, forever.

  • Open up your firm's capacity, overnight

  • Focus your efforts on higher-impact services that drive your success


A superior approach to getting the bookkeeping done

Quickly access all of your client transactions in one secure location.


  • Easily find all of your client's categorization activities in one centralized place

  • Quickly jump into the areas that need your specialized input

  • Safeguard your client data with bank-grade security, and 256-bit encryption within the Botkeeper platform

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Accounting professionals throughout the country partner with Botkeeper to do the heavy lifting with their bookkeeping, so they can focus on providing value.

Bring your accounting or bookkeeping firm into the future with the Botkeeper Partner Platform, an all-in-one financial platform to manage all bookkeeping, communicate with clients, and innovate your practice. Provide a seamless experience for your clients while keeping costs low and accuracy high. Botkeeper makes your firm more productive while reducing stress and providing you with time for more important tasks.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We get it. We also have answers. 

  • What is the Transaction Manager?

    The Transaction Manager combines machine learning with some light human assistance to auto-categorize transactions based on past transactions. The Transaction Manager functionality has long been used behind the scenes inside the Botkeeper framework by the Botkeeper team, and we now have released a client-facing version that allows us to offer an interactive, faster, and more efficient way to categorize transactions.

  • Why did Botkeeper create the Transaction Manager?

    Historically, categorizing hundreds of thousands of transactions was a manual, labor-intensive, and error-prone process. The Transaction Manager was built to solve the problem of having to manually categorize transactions, which are the root of many bookkeeping headaches. The result is faster categorizations, up-to-date financials, maximum efficiency, beyond-human accuracy, and fewer interruptions for our clients.

  • How does the Transaction Manager work?

    Botkeeper’s system pulls in uncategorized transactions in real-time and runs them through an individualized machine learning model to try to find the best match based on patterns and prior categorizations. Our machines submit their results along with a confidence level (how confident we are about the level of accuracy the machines have produced).

    If the confidence level of the machine falls below 97%, a Botkeeper Accountant will review, apply critical thinking, and attempt to categorize the transaction, thereby training the machine so that it knows what to do with similar information in the future.

    If a Botkeeper Accountant is still unsure as to how to categorize the transaction, they will reach out to the Accounting Partner for their input. After the categorization is made, the machine learns this process and is able to perform it in the future, getting more and more efficient over time.