Activity Hub

Communicating with clients and team members can be a challenge. We've fixed it with Activity Hub. Access your comms, all in one place. Ah, the easy life.





Find exactly
what you need.

No sorting through long lists of comments or poking around to find what you need. It's all here, and you can filter to get what you want.

Looking for something specific? Get rid of the noise and focus on just the communications you need by filtering across multiple attributes like client; sender; recipient, and more. Combine filters to get even more granular.

You can also search for a comment by any of the content it contains. It's handy and — we think — also dandy. 



Know instantly who said what, when, and where.

Activity Hub brings all your communications together for easy access and a comprehensive view.
It centralizes all comments across tasks in Work, Documents, and Transaction Manager to make communicating a breeze.

Botkeeper activity hub window




Stop wondering. We have answers here.

  • What is Activity Hub?

    Activity Hub a centralized space within the Botkeeper platform for all comments, feedback, and interactions. Easy access, all in one place. By standardizing communications, firms will experience seamless interactions with their clients, ensuring that their priorities, those of their clients, and those assigned to Botkeeper are always on the same page.

  • Will everyone be able to see my comments?

    The comments in Activity Hub have the same access privileges as the area where they were originally made: Documents, Transaction Manager, or tasks in Work. If a user doesn't have access to the comments you made there, they won't have access in Activity Hub, either.

  • Does this mean I MUST go to Activity Hub to see comments?

    No. The original comments will remain on the task, transaction, or document where you originally left it.

Stop looking. Start doing.

Activity Hub is the newest way Botkeeper makes your bookkeeping life easier. Instead of spending time hunting down the information you need, we make sure you can find it all in one place, quickly. But there's a whole lot more time- and frustration-savings on the Botkeeper platform. Why not book a demo today to see all the amazing things we can do for you?