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Farm Accounting Made Easy

Cut your bookkeeping costs in half with Botkeeper.


Botkeeper’s Farm and Agricultural Accounting Solutions

Farming requires growing quality food and taking care of vast areas of land, but it also requires a strong foundation of accounting. Farmers must be organized and track all income and expenses, especially because they incur major costs of production—sometimes months before seeing any income from their harvests. How can you maintain solid accounting processes so that you have cash on hand for expenses, even prior to getting paid? The answer to better preparation is through evaluating balance sheets and income statements over time. Botkeeper integrates with accounting software you already use for your farm, like QuickBooks, and produces customized reports so you can clearly see the fruits of your labor and prepare for the upcoming season.


Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Recordkeeping

When you use Botkeeper’s bookkeeping services, you’ll become more comfortable crunching numbers. Our accounting system allows you to plan ahead for upcoming seasons, which you know can be volatile. Botkeeper can help you streamline the most tedious tasks, including the calculation of equipment depreciation, or accounting for the market value of land improvements. It will also help with calculating costs for the maintenance of livestock, building necessary structures for production, and even payroll processing.


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Superior AI and Senior Accountants  

Botkeeper combines skilled accountants with automated data entry through machine learning and AI to provide high quality accounting for the farming and agricultural industry. Get incredible insight into your financials with unlimited reporting, beautiful dashboards, and round-the-clock support. With a general ledger and a unique dashboard customized for your farm’s needs, you’ll have real-time access to your financials so you easily understand your margins and can make changes on the fly.

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Unmatched Value

Fully automate your daily agricultural business accounting tasks—including payments and invoicing—without hiring or training a full-time bookkeeper. Keep close tabs on your accounting metrics and financial health. Monitor job performance. Gain complete visibility into important financial statements like accounts payable, cash flow, and profit and loss reports. Easily reconcile bank, credit card, and vendor statements. Get a solution that’s faster, cheaper, and more reliable than traditional bookkeeping software!


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Botkeeper Is Your Farm Accounting Solution

Keeping track of your expenses is extremely time-consuming—but the more detailed your systems are, the better your financials will be. With the ability to keep up with your expenses on your phone and make entries on the go, you can evaluate your profit and loss reports whenever and wherever you want. Botkeeper even integrates with your current accounting software and provides automation that effectively categorizes your expenses for you.  If you’re looking for solid, time-saving, and economical accounting reports for your farm so you can focus on cultivating your crops, our farm bookkeeping software can help.  We have bookkeeping pricing packages for every business, customized to your specific needs, no matter the complexity.  


My favorite thing about Botkeeper is the fact that it is super easy to use, and when I have a question they provide detailed step-by-step instructions at all hours. The reporting is great and always on time. We look forward to scaling our company with Botkeeper handling all the bookkeeping as we take the business to the next level.
Rob May
CEO | Talla
Getting started with Botkeeper was easy. I literally just provided account login access and the rest was taken care of for me. Really easy set up.
Kevin Foley | Owner
Crossfit Homebase
We definitely saved money, but we also saved our COO a ton of time. Now I know we're not going to miss a payment on anything, and I feel confident that there won’t be any hiccups.
Steve Hooper
CEO | Kigo Kitchen