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[LIVE] Updates to Transaction Manager

October 1, 2022: Updates to Transaction Manager

New Action Menu

The new Action menu lets you collaborate with your accounting team via comments, view additional transaction details — such as the transaction logs — and edit/split the transaction. Depending on the type of transaction, there are additional actions available, such as: Find a Match, Exclude, Reset, or Add to GL.

  • Find a Match functionality

    • Using the new “Find a Match” button, you can search the GL, find the related transaction(s) and complete a match.

  • Exclude functionality

    • Using the new “Exclude” button, you can exclude the transaction from the GL if you don’t need it. This action is usually only necessary if the transaction has already been recorded in the GL via a different method, such as .csv uploads.

  • Reset functionality

    • Using the new “Reset” button, you can delete the transaction from the GL and put the transaction back into a bank feed state where you can have additional options for the transaction.

  • Add to GL functionality

    • Using the new “Add to GL” button, you can push a bank feed transaction to the GL. You would take this action after a transaction has been reset or if AutoPush detected a potential match and you don’t need to match.

  • New Match functionality

    • AutoPush has been upgraded to detect matches based on analyzing the bank feed transactions, comparing them to the transactions in the GL, and pushing any matching transactions to the “Processed” tab. 

    • Using the new “Match” buttons, you can expand the transaction to view the match details. You will see this button on the “Open Inquiries” tab if AutoPush has detected one or more potential matches. After you review the match details, you can finalize the match.

    • You will see this button on the Processed tab if AutoPush or a member of your accounting team already completed the match.