Botkeeper Deployment.

Technical and strategic guidance on setting up and using the Botkeeper Platform


Accounting Partner Deployment

During deployment, you’ll work with your own dedicated Botkeeper Growth Partner to build a roadmap to accomplish both your immediate and long-term goals. The Botkeeper expert will act as a project manager to hold your team accountable for achieving your objectives and offer best practices to help your team thrive with Botkeeper. Typically, our clients complete deployment within 2 months -- some do it even faster -- and we focus on accomplishing the milestones of setup that ensure your success in the platform. Below is a sample plan to help you understand what you can expect from the Growth Partner service. 


Kickoff Call & Gathering Requirements

1-5 hours

To set you up for success, we’ll start your journey on understanding the fundamentals of Botkeeper. Botkeeper is a big platform with a lot of tools, and to get the most value out of them, you’ll need to understand the foundations and how the tools work together. Along with helping you understand the Botkeeper fundamentals, we’ll guide you with setup tasks. During our first Kickoff Call, we'll:

  • Invite you to your Practice Management Suite (portal)

  • Give you an overview of the deployment process & timeline

  • Share the Botkeeper Partner Platform best practices

  • Determine if your client's need migration or clean-up

  • Guide you on how to fill out the questionnaires for each client for the Client Portal’s to be provisioned

  • Discuss what to prepare for/bring along for each client prior to the Deployment Call

  • Schedule the Deployment Call

1 (2)-2


Up to 7 hours

Next, we'll walk you through each client portal to ensure they are properly provisioned from the information provided in the questionnaires. We will document your client's process and procedures in their dedicated playbook, while simultaneously training you and your staff on the best way to utilize the Botkeeper platform.  It's going to take some time upfront but we believe this will deliver big time for long term success.

The time needed to be dedicated to your Deployment Call ranges from 2-6 hours depending on the number of client entities deployed.  Botkeeper typically holds calls for 2 hours at a time. During the Deployment Call, we'll:

  • Review each client's portal for accuracies
  • Confirm the correct accounts (QBO, bank feeds, etc.) are linked properly
  • Document the client's processes and procedures in a dedicated playbook

In conjunction, you'll receive a 1.5-hour long Training Call to:

  • Receive training on the Botkeeper Partner Platform using best practices
  • Walk you through the best practices on how to communicate with your client's on Botkeeper
  • Learn tips & tricks on the best way to train your client's on their client portal
  • Discuss dashboards of both your client's financial and non-financial data and discuss any other custom dashboards you need
  • Set expectations and date for your 1st weekly Accounting Review Call and provide Botkeeper feedback on your deployment
1 (3)-1


1 hour (ongoing)

During your Accounting Review Call, your dedicated Growth Partner provides an added level of review and oversight on all your bookkeeping needs on a regular cadence. During this first meeting, they deliver guidance and resources to make sure you successfully onboard your clients to the Botkeeper platform and then will continue to have check-ins with you to ensure your success. Your Growth Partner will: 

  • Review what ongoing services your firm needs

  • Discuss any open items that the Botkeeper Accountant (BotOps) or you may have

  • See how we can continue to align your firm's goals with Botkeeper's services

1 (4)-1

Full Transition & Optimization

Up to 1 hour per week

We are with you for every stage of your onboarding journey and during this phase of your deployment, we'll work with you to make sure you and your clients make a fully successful transition! Botkeeper has many services to offer, and we want to make sure you always are optimizing them for your firm's success! During this phase, we'll:

  • Transition accounting functions from your firm to Botkeeper Operations (BotOps)

  • Finalize any and all additional details

  • Make sure each process is documented and everything is fine-tuned for continued success

  • Perform your first monthly close

1 (5)-02

Ongoing Support

Up to 1 hour per week 

We want to ensure you have the additional support you need on the Botkeeper platform. By providing a multiple layer support model, in addition to your ongoing support from your Growth Partner,  you also receive support from both the BotOps (Botkeeper Operations) team and a human support team that is always available to you. During these calls will give you the opportunity to:

  • Have dedicated time with BotOps team to discuss how the launch has been going (weekly call)

  • Get any and all questions answered

  • Have your trusted Growth Partner be part of the conversation to stay in the loop

1 (6)-02