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The next big advancement in accounting

With Botkeeper, accounting firms can offload the day to day blocking and tackling of bookkeeping (data entry, reconciliations, classifications), allowing accountants to focus on higher level client advisory services. We're working around the clock, and offering the best-in-class support. Using machine learning that has been exposed to thousands of financial transactions, we’re now able to fully automate your bookkeeping department without increasing headcount/overhead. With Botkeeper you'll see a massive reduction of human error, superior reporting, as well as real-time and 24/7 data entry. Our partners reduce their bookkeeping costs by 30-50%, while easily being able to take on 10+ new clients per day



Why Partner with Botkeeper?

 Bring your Accounting or Bookkeeping firm into the future with the Botkeeper White Labeled Platform. Provide a seamless experience for your clients, while keeping costs low, and accuracy high. Botkeeper makes your firm more productive while reducing stress, and providing you with time for more important tasks.



Ongoing dedicated support

You get...

Comprehensive support from Botkeeper along with a dedicated Botkeeper accountant. We’ll onboard you and assist with onboarding your clients, and ensure a customized experience for your firm. Need help? Reach out to us at any time. We're plugged in 24/7!

Your clients get...

Fast, accurate bookkeeping, and clean financials every month. We handle all of the daily manual work so you and your clients can spend your time on the higher priority accounting. Your clients never have a lapse in service or downtime!

The ultimate bookkeeping solution

You get...

The ability to onboard and manage all of your clients through your custom White Labeled Botkeeper portal and mobile app. Check in on the financials, download the statements, build custom reports and chat with the Botkeeper team as desired.

Your clients get...

One central portal to connect their financial and non-financial accounts. We ensure that the data is automatically compiled and organized. Your clients get seamless bookkeeping while getting the personal touch and top notch advisory services from you. .


An easy, stress-free tax filing season

You get...

Flawless financials. No more messy books to clean up during tax time. Your clients get seamless, cost efficient bookkeeping, while you focus on tax and consulting services. No more putting hours upon hours into the data entry- leave that to us! Botkeeper has your back with every client. 

Your clients get...

An End of Year Financial Package, so that they're ready to tackle their tax filings. We’ll include tax-ready financial statements, their trial balance, and documentation on areas that might need your review. Tax time is a breeze for both you and your client!

We Already Work with the Tools You Love

Make Botkeeper your all-in-one bookkeeping solution. We'll seamlessly integrate with the software your clients are already using, while replacing the need for your firm's various project management systems, receipt storage, expense tracking, billpay, and more!



Calculate your ROI with Botkeeper...

Reduction in Employee Overhead

No more payroll taxes. No more vacation time. No more benefits. Plus, we're working for you 24 hours per day. On average our partners reduce their overhead spend by 30-50% while being able to take on more than 10 new clients per day. The cost to hire, train, and employ a bookkeeper adds up! 

Increased Accuracy

We drastically reduce the chance of human error by leveraging technology, bringing our accuracy rating to over 99.97%. With multiple layers of support, you can rest easy knowing your client's books are in great shape. 

Reduction in Software Spend

Replace your disparate tools with an all-in-one solution. With Botkeeper you get a White Labeled financial Hub and Mobile app, Receipt tracking, document storage, dashboards, bill-pay, practice management, client dashboards, and custom reporting! Start now. 


What are our partners saying?

"The Bots are working around the clock, so when I walk in the morning ALL the bookkeeping is done! I was amazed by how I no longer have to worry about where work is at in my firm. It just gets done, like magic. Botkeeper has made an awesome addition and compliment to our team and we're now able to focus on doing the fun and complex advisory work!"

-Jody Padar 

CEO NewVision CPA and Author of From Success to Significance: The Radical CPA Guide


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