Jodie Manners

Jodie Manners

Jodie is a Creative Copywriter, SEO enthusiast and graduate of the University of Cambridge. She’s been generating profit with her words for over a decade. In her 10-year non-profit fundraising career, she raised over £2million for NPOs through face-to-face sales, management and expert training. She writes copy that inspires action and lives to help ethical and creative business owners, solopreneurs and non-profits find their voice and get ahead online. You can connect with Jodie through LinkedIn.

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Is Your Web Host Damaging Your Reputation?

By Jodie Manners on Oct 31, 2019 3:33:08 PM

Any business owner knows that reputation management is a big part of attracting customers. Leads and potential customers/clients are paying attention to what you say, how you say it, your brand elements, and most importantly—your website. But is your web host damaging your reputation and holding you back from success?

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