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Looking for a free tool to help offer CAS during tax season? Look here

Every year, firms around the country miss out on one of the best opportunities they’ll see for selling additional services to current clients. They wade into tax season with tunnel vision, getting tax returns done at lightning speed. Because they’re inundated with an influx of work on a short deadline, they don’t take the time to talk to their loyal customers about their business.

It’s understandable. Tax filing season is stressful, and just keeping up morale is a major effort. But tax filing season is, for many clients, one of the few times—if not the ONLY time—they’ll communicate with you directly. Any other time you want to reach out to them, your efforts will be less prone to being heard because your focus hasn’t been about their business, it’s been about getting their taxes completed.

We see this time of year as selling season for Client Accounting & Advisory Services. It can be seamlessly easy, as you'll already be in front of all your clients. You’ll start by asking key questions about their business goals—such as “What are your growth goals for next year?” Good, solid investigation gets both the details of the clients’ returns, and reveals opportunities for your firm to provide additional—and yes, more lucrative—client accounting services.

I can hear you objecting. “Do you know how many returns I have to get through? I don’t have extra time for this!” I hear you! That’s why I’ve created a short, easy-to-use checklist for you. Just 10 brief questions, most of which have simple yes/no answers, and all of which directly relate to the conversation you’re already having.

Think of it as multitasking. You’ll get what you need from the client, while also identifying a chance to build stronger client relationships and drive additional quarterly or monthly revenue.

You can download the checklist by following the link at the end of this blog. But before we get there, let’s review a few things that will help you find success in selling client accounting & advisory services to your tax clients.



It’s not about what you can do for them, it’s about what they need.

Don’t be too distracted singing the praises of your abilities and services. The focus should always be on the client, and in this case it’s about what they need, not just about all the things you can do for them.

Ask your current client what their biggest pain points are with their business and then just listen!
If you don’t feel very skilled at knowing the answers to their business concerns—just take notes and explain that you have another division skilled at helping with the growing pains. Offer to put them in touch with the client.


“No,” many times, means “not right now.”

If you’re like many people, you feel inclined to end a conversation on a topic when the other person says “no.” If you’ve suggested a service they don’t seem to want to discuss, many times it’s not because they have NO interest; it’s because it’s not something they feel they need (or are focused on) right now. When this happens, follow up with, “I understand. You aren’t ready yet, but these services will be necessary as you grow. Know that we can help you when it makes sense—our firm does way more than taxes! Let’s revisit in 6 months.”



You aren’t really selling. You’re offering solutions.

If you aren’t a salesperson by trade, it’s easy to get into the “I’m trying to sell x” mindset. That’s a surefire way to make your interaction feel way less organic.

If you’ve listened carefully to what your current client has to say, what you’re doing is less about selling and more about providing a solution to the challenges you know growing business experience. The goal is for them to know they can come to you when making business decisions, or experiencing growing pains—that you and your firm are their trusted advisor, and you offer way more than taxes. That’s much less intimidating, isn’t it? You wouldn’t hesitate to give advice to a friend who brought you a problem—this is really not much different.



Client Accounting & Advisory Services are about stronger client relationships—everyone wins

Client Accounting & Advisory Services bring firms MUCH closer to their clients. Where you once might only have heard from them quarterly or annually, you’ll now be interacting with them on a much more regular basis—and because you can help them create clean monthly records, filing time is simple. Many firms have started to make the shift to no longer offering personal returns, unless they are bundled into corporate returns & monthly Client Accounting & Advisory Services.

Your clients trust you, and they have nobody better to guide them with their business. Go download “10 questions to help you offer client accounting & advisory services,” and get started on building tighter client relationships. They’re easy to ask, and you might be surprised by the answers you get. Your current clients desperately need your help growing their business… if you aren’t talking to them this way, someone else is!


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