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botkeeper how to get the most out of your quickbooks online

3 min read

How to Get the Most Out of QuickBooks Online: 7 Tips

Whether you’re new to QuickBooks Online or a seasoned veteran using the software, you might not be getting the most value out of your subscription. Oftentimes, people overlook simple tips that could help them be more effective and efficient with their...

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botkeeper nonprofit tax filing tips

3 min read

501(c)(3) & Nonprofit Tax Filing Tips

Don’t freak out, but your non-profit tax filing deadline is quickly approaching. Individuals, businesses, and 501(c)(3) or charitable organizations will be required to file by the deadline required by their classification, and even though the tax filing...

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Tax Planning by botkeeper

5 min read

Tax Planning for Beginners: 6 Key Principles Explained

Tax planning is, by definition, an assessment of your financial situation from a tax perspective for the purposes of reducing how much money you owe the government. Legally, of course. The goal is to take stock of the money you’ve made, and choose which...

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