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One Bookkeeping Solution to Rule Them All

Manual bookkeeping comes with a lot of problems. So we built an intuitive platform to automate the tasks that slow you down. 

Finding the right tools for your firm can be tough. The Botkeeper Operating System brings all your bookkeeping tools and data into one easy-to-use, powerful solution. You’ll save valuable time and get all the capacity you need to provide a personalized client experience, pursue higher-margin opportunities, and attract new customers at scale.

Transaction Manager

Transaction Manager quickly categorizes transactions, assigning confidence levels to each. While high-confidence transactions use our AutoPush feature to flow the transactions directly to the QBO or XERO ledger, medium-and low-confidence transactions are flagged for your team’s review. 

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Smart Connect

No more incorrect passwords, security barriers, and tedious manual logins. Smart Connect quickly and easily links all of your clients' financial data so you can quickly and easily get the information you need without any middleman.

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Quickly create, access, and manage all your firm’s outstanding tasks in one secure place, assigning tasks as needed, or arranging them into projects with recurring tasks to be performed on your time table. Request credentials, documents — really anything you can imagine — and see at a glance whether it’s done. 

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Password Manager

Find every password you need securely saved and ready for your access without needing a spreadsheet, post-its, or a steel-trap memory. Doesn’t even matter what password it is, Password Manager has you covered for everything from Amazon to Zillow.

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Securely and efficiently upload, store, and access important documents from anywhere with our Documents tool. Enjoy unlimited document storage, and easily search for the documents you need within a standardized folder structure for each client. Organize your work with a sub-folder structure and the ability to create custom folders that support your firm's needs.

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Business Insights

Botkeeper's customizable Business Insights provide informative (and attractive!) dashboards offering helpful insights into both financial and non-financial data on a centralized platform available 24/7.

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Bot Review

We’ve automated searching through the general ledger to find discrepancies. Bot Review flags the variances and exceptions you need to review. Easily review and fix any exceptions detected in your client's financials in real-time, leaving you with pristine books.

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Activity Hub

We’ve created a centralized space within the Botkeeper platform for all comments, feedback, and interactions. Easy access, all in one place. By standardizing communications, firms will experience seamless interactions with their clients, ensuring that their priorities, those of their clients, and those assigned to Botkeeper are always on the same page.

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Experiencing portal pains?

Firm management and user control are a breeze with the Portal Manager.

Portal Manager allows you to have total control over your platform. Manage what firm and client users see and do with user controls, and scope new clients quickly with the Botkeeper Scoping Tool.


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"With bookkeeping running seamlessly with Botkeeper...

I’m able to focus my time on reviewing output and making recommendations to my clients rather than just spending all my time on categorizing transactions, preparing statements and documents."

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A Solution Purpose-Built for your Accounting Firm and Your Clients.


How Botkeeper Partners Are Revolutionizing Their Firms With Botkeeper

A.J. Hosenfeld, RiverRidge CPAs
Botkeeper has allowed me to get back to the pieces of my job I most enjoy: reviewing financials, tax planning, and tax prep. I can spend my time on the higher-value services for my clients, which I see as reviewing the financial reports produced by Botkeeper and tax planning.
AJ Hosenfeld
Partner, RiverRidge CPAs
Jimmy Lee, Senior Manager Bennett Thrasher LLP
Botkeeper is now handling the transaction categorizing and reconciliation work, saving us anywhere from 2 to 4 hours per month, per client. As I help to build out the CAS service line, because of Botkeeper, I have a longer runway before having to bring on another associate that would cost probably $70k per year.
Jimmy Lee
Senior Manager, Bennett Thrasher
Evan Paris, JHR Consulting LLC
The Botkeeper portal was clearly built for those who provide accounting services and is a tool that, when presented to clients, shows that the CPA firm has been deliberate and thoughtful on how they intend to provide services to their clients: professionally and efficiently.
Evan Paris
Principal, JHR Consulting LLC


Run your firm with confidence knowing you’re getting your client's bookkeeping done with the help of accounting automation. We’ll handle everything from top to bottom, so you can focus on reaching your goals and helping your firm thrive. Simply put, Botkeeper enables you to be more human.