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Through our trusted Accounting Partners, Botkeeper provides automated bookkeeping support to businesses of all sizes using a powerful combination of talented people, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Our bookkeeping processes are working 24/7, providing incredible financial insights, beautiful dashboards, and unlimited reporting. 


How does it work?

Here's an overview of how to get started, and what comes next.


Select the Botkeeper Partner that best suits your business.

Head over to our Accounting Partner Ecosystem Page to select from our network of top-tier accounting professionals offering bookkeeping, tax, advisory, services, and more. 


Onboarding, automating and more!

Your Accounting Partner will get you onboarded into the Botkeeper Platform, where we'll categorize expenses, pay bills, invoice, reconcile, enter data into your accounting software, and more. Our system ensures your data is up-to-date and accurate so your Accountant can focus on the advisory services you need!


Give yourself a pat on the back for being awesome.

Your Botkeeper Hub provides customizable dashboards and reports, giving you a 360-degree view of your business, as well as a multitude of other tools to ensure you have stress-free financial operations. Already have an accountant? We'd love to bring them into our Accounting Partner Ecosystem!

Whatever Your Need, Our Experts Have You Covered

Having proper insight into your business health is nearly impossible when you’re always waiting on the books to close, or struggling with inaccuracies. That’s why at Botkeeper, we've combined powerful technology and expert accounting professionals to get you the accounting and bookkeeping you deserve—so you can focus on your business.

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