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Botkeeper's New Operating System

It's better. It's faster. It's Botkeeper's New Operating System

Are all of the same features/functionality going to be available in BOS?

BOS represents an evolution of the Botkeeper platform, so we’re driving improved methods and efficiencies.

While BOS has a new look and works a little differently, it's essential to know what hasn't changed – the platform still supports all of the primary workflows you know and love. 

Here are the features/functionality that are not included in this release of BOS:

What are the new features/capabilities available in BOS?

BOS has many of the features and capabilities you’re accustomed to, as well as some new ones!

Here’s what’s new in BOS: 

What isn't supported in BOS?

Are there any features/capabilities that are not supported in the BOS that I should be aware of?

For the BOS there will be some capabilities that are not currently supported in the platform including:

  • .mp4, .mov, .html, .zip, .bmp file types
  • Creating Private files/folders
  • Task recurrence attributes (Coming in Q2 2022!)
  • Assigning multiple users or a group of users to a task
  • Emailing files directly to a folder

Do my clients or I need to perform updates as you launch new features in BOS?

Nope! We'll be handling all of the updates under the hood.

As we add new features and make them generally available, you’ll see them show up in the platform—no work to do. We’ll also be adding a new process where we can selectively launch features for Beta testing to eligible partners. Your Account Manager will keep you up to date on opportunities that are a good fit for your firm.

Will my existing clients notice a difference when my firm moves to the Botkeeper Operating System?

We've had a facelift!

The user interface in the Botkeeper Operating System has been improved and streamlined while retaining some of the same functionality your clients are familiar with.  We've found that Botkeeper Operating System is extremely intuitive and easy to learn.

Statement Dates Changed in Smart Connect?

As we upgrade clients to BOS, we are also upgrading them to the new V2 statement download process.

This means that you can expect statements to download consistently and they’re available when you’d expect them to be. The date displayed in Smart Connect is the availability date. This is the date the statement becomes available from the institution (usually 2-3 days after the billing cycle ends). We changed the date format because we can’t always accurately predict the month for accounts that don’t have monthly billing cycles.

When does my firm get the opportunity to move to the Botkeeper Operating System?

Your Account Manager will let you know!

Our team has a carefully planned process for upgrading our partners to BOS that ensures smooth upgrades for all partner firms with minimal disruptions. When it’s closer to your firm’s upgrade date, your Account Manager will alert you to the timing for your firm, and you’ll begin to receive communications to prepare for your upgrade to the Botkeeper Operating System. 

If I’m an existing Botkeeper Partner, and I want to volunteer to move onto the Botkeeper Operating System first, who do I contact?

We appreciate your enthusiasm about moving your firm onto the Botkeeper Operating System platform! Currently, we are not offering early upgrades at this time.

If you have questions, reach out to your Account Manager for more information!

Can I be one of the first to use the upgraded BOS platform?

Absolutely! Reach out to your Account Manager and let them know you’re interested in upgrading...

Absolutely!  Reach out to your Account Manager and let them know you’re interested in upgrading as soon as this version is available!

What if I don’t want to wait to hear from my Account Manager on moving to the Botkeeper Operating System? Can I volunteer to be first?

You can absolutely volunteer!

Please reach out to your Account Manager and let them know you’re interested in upgrading as soon as this version is available!  They will work with our internal team to assess when it makes sense for your firm to upgrade.  

Will the feedback process change when BOS launches?

Yes! Partners can now submit feedback directly in the application!

Click the "?" icon at the bottom right of your screen for the BOS Resource Center. Choose the option that is most relevant to your feedback or issue, and you will be directed to a page to enter your feedback. 

Getting-started-Will the feedback process change when BOS launches

Does the Botkeeper Operating System cost more than the standard Botkeeper platform and entities fees?


Our pricing has not changed for the Botkeeper Operating System.