How do I complete a task?

You complete document request tasks by uploading the requested document — upon upload the task will auto-complete. You can also complete tasks via projects.

It’s important to note a change in the new platform in how tasks are completed — specifically Document Request Tasks. Now, you are able to upload a requested document directly to the task associated which will automatically place the document in the correct folder and mark the task as complete. 

When you click into a Task, you will see a place to upload the document within the Task Details Page. Once the document is uploaded, click “submit’,” and the Task will be marked as completed and the file uploaded to the correct folder.

Please note, this is now the only way to upload documents that relate to the scope of work Botkeeper assists with. For folders you create outside of the scope of work contracted with Botkeeper, documents may be uploaded directly to the folder in the Documents section. (See Document Section). 

This also applies to connection and credential request tasks.

Completing Tasks via Projects

You can also complete a task in a project. Click on the project to expand it. See the tasks that relate to that project and select one and complete the action indicated on the task to complete it.