Smart Connect

How do I manage or update a financial institution/bank/credit card connection?

From the “Review your accounts” page you can select a previously connected account.

If you’ve established a Financial Institution/bank/credit card connection, you can manage this connection and the visibility of accounts within the connection modal. 

  • Click the green “Add New” button. 

  • Next, Click the “Review” button under the Connections.

  • From the “Review your accounts” page you can either select “Add another bank” or select a previously connected account. 

  • To manage/update an existing connected institution
    • Click on one of the listed institutions
  • The popup window will update with a listing of your accounts
    • You may or may not be able to select/deselect which accounts you would like to provide your accountant access to
    •  If your institution doesn’t allow you to select or deselect an individual account it may be due to the use of Oauth access 
    • To confirm if your client’s financial institution uses Oauth access click this link and search for your institution name
    • Please note, financial institutions listed in the spreadsheet use Oauth access, and therefore, will not allow you to select individual accounts to share with your accountant; all accounts will be given access to your accountant 
    • To take advantage of the efficiencies of Smart Connect you will be required to move forward by connecting all the accounts 
    • If a task is created to reconnect a bank that is not part of the scope, you can make a comment on the task to let your accountant know it is not in scope. You can then reject the task.

  • In the “Update accounts” view, you can select/deselect accounts or remove the Financial Institution connection entirely. 
  • Once you select/deselect an account, click the “Save” button to save your changes. 
  • If you want to remove the Financial Institution connection, click on the “Remove bank” button.