Smart Connect

What are the different types of banners in Smart Connect?

Smart Connect features blue (new connection is processing); red (a current connection has disconnected); and yellow (user has requested a new connection) banners.

Blue Banner: The Blue Banner identifies new connections that require time to complete setup. When a blue banner appears, our system is pulling in data for your newly established connection, including balances and transaction details. Once setup is complete, the banner will be removed.

Red Banner: The Red Banner identifies current connections that have become disconnected. When in a disconnected state, the account owner will have to reconnect using their credentials. Once the account is reconnected, the red banner will be removed. 

Yellow Banner: The Yellow Banner is shown when a user requests a new connection. This connection has not been established, and the account owner will have to connect their account for the first time. When the account is successfully connected, the yellow banner will be removed.