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Introducing Botkeeper Infinite.

For the first time in our history, we're offering Botkeeper Infinite as a standalone, pure tech solution. This is a major milestone, marking our evolution into a company that puts technology at the forefront of everything we do. 

Our transition is more than strategic — it’s a metamorphosis. Botkeeper Infinite is not just a new product; it represents a profound shift in our identity. We are now, first and foremost, a software company — innovative, flexible, and endlessly forward-thinking.

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Enhanced Autonomy

Achieve unparalleled control over your strategies and processes using our technology. Botkeeper Infinite empowers your firm to tailor solutions to your vision. Your firm, your tools, your way.

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Client-centric flexibility

Our "Tech-Only" solution allows you to personalize your services — full-service for some clients, tech-only for others. It's about meeting varying demands with unmatched versatility, ensuring every client gets the optimal solution they deserve.


Enable future success

Get ahead of the Advisory crush, and free up your firm resources to deliver the kind of value today's clients expect. Automation is key to your CAS success, and Botkeeper delivers.

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Empowers firms of all sizes

For smaller firms with ambitions to grow, Botkeeper Infinite offers the ideal solution. Maintain control while harnessing cutting-edge technology to elevate your services. Stay competitive and agile as you scale.

Ready to automate the hell out of your accounting processes?

You have a mile-long to-do list, a never-ending inbox, and need to handle your client requests  yesterday. That's why we've created our new "Tech-Only" option. It's powerful. It's flexible. It's easy to use. Its super duper sexy. Get ready to take your accounting game to the next level — sign up for our waiting list today!

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Botkeeper goes beyond automated bookkeeping to support you with simplified task and project management, easy connection to financial institutions, a secure portal for all your important documents, and much, MUCH more. Here's a bit of what's baked-in.


Smart Connect

No more incorrect passwords, security barriers, and tedious manual logins. Smart Connect quickly and easily links all of your clients' financial data so you can quickly and easily get the information you need without any middleman.


Transaction Manager with AutoPush

Transaction Manager quickly categorizes transactions, assigning confidence levels to each. While high-confidence transactions use our AutoPush feature to flow the transactions directly to the QBO or XERO ledger, medium-and low-confidence transactions are flagged for your team’s review. 


Business Insights

Botkeeper's customizable Business Insights provide informative (and attractive!) dashboards offering helpful insights into both financial and non-financial data on a centralized platform available 24/7.



Securely and efficiently upload, store, and access important documents from anywhere with our Documents tool. Enjoy unlimited document storage, and easily search for the documents you need within a standardized folder structure for each client. Organize your work with a sub-folder structure and the ability to create custom folders that support your firm's needs.



Quickly create, access, and manage all your firm’s outstanding tasks in one secure place, assigning tasks as needed, or arranging them into projects with recurring tasks to be performed on your time table. Request credentials, documents — really anything you can imagine — and see at a glance whether it’s done. 


Password Manager

Find every password you need securely saved and ready for your access without needing a spreadsheet, post-its, or a steel-trap memory. Doesn’t even matter what password it is, Password Manager has you covered for everything from Amazon to Zillow.


activity hub

Activity Hub

We’ve created a centralized space within the Botkeeper platform for all comments, feedback, and interactions. Easy access, all in one place. By standardizing communications, firms will experience seamless interactions with their clients, ensuring that their priorities, those of their clients, and those assigned to Botkeeper are always on the same page.


Bot Review

We’ve automated searching through the general ledger to find discrepancies. Bot Review flags the variances and exceptions you need to review. Easily review and fix any exceptions detected in your client's financials in real-time, leaving you with pristine books.

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Insights (COMING SOON)

We’re working with Google to provide Insights, the game-changing tool that unravels the "why" behind the numbers. Insights helps you narrate the financial stories of your clients like never before by providing written explanations of the numbers in a language you can use directly with your clients. It also surfaces the most relevant KPIs and metrics for you to curate for them, making you an advisory powerhouse.


Auto Bank Reconciliations (COMING SOON)

Automation allows you to quickly review variances between extracted statement details and general ledger (GL) activity for seamless reconciliations. The system even automates the reconciliation when no issues are found.

je automation

Journal Entry Automation (COMING SOON)

Splitting out loan data or payroll categories is tedious and time-consuming. Our innovative (and highly effective) solution? Automate amortization schedules and loans in real-time, syncing directly with the general ledger. Future functionality includes managing variable interest loans.

While we've been testing Botkeeper Infinite with some of our partners, they've been telling us how they feel about it.


“I’m excited to invite more clients in so we can streamline all of our communications and move away from emails/calls”
- Firm Associate


“This is going to be incredibly valuable for the accounting industry”
- Firm Founder/CEO

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“I really like that I can see all of the transactions' predictions and their confidence... it's awesome knowing how much work is being automated and all of the time being saved!"
- Firm CAS Director


“We love being able to see and control everything going on with the client’s books. The additional visibility allows for us to never question where things are at.”
- Firm Sr. Manager of Business Services


“I’ve tried Infinite for 2 weeks and I’m thrilled, I’m excited, and can’t wait to be fully in the bot. Our goal is to have all of our clients in Infinite.” 
- Tax & Accounting Manager


"I love (the Activity Hub), because you can see everything in one place... This is like the Work hub on steroids."
-Firm Principal


Having Botkeeper saved us from a delayed close for one of our most important clients!”
-Account Lead


"We have gotten comfortable with AutoPush and see the value it can have (for) our firm."
-Firm Owner