Why Work with Botkeeper?

While we’re wildly enthusiastic about creating new and innovative software, we’re equally excited about enabling and encouraging our associates.

Aside from software, we give you the direction, support, and resources to help your business or organization and its clients succeed and flourish.


Ambassador Partners

The Botkeeper Ambassador Program is for Business owners, Consultants, or Mentors who want to transform the way their clients run their back office — and get paid for it! You already have a network, reach, and eye for professionalism. Now you can refer a product you can stand by. No gimmicks. No crazy waiting periods.


Accounting Partners

The Botkeeper Accounting Partner Program is for CPAs, accountants, or bookkeeping firms that want to grow their businesses by providing exceptional bookkeeping services to their clients. With Botkeeper, you can offload the day-to-day bookkeeping and data entry, allowing you to focus on higher level client advisory services.


Startup Partners

The Botkeeper Startup Partner Program is for incubators, accelerators, and VCs working with companies that are trying to scale and grow. Give your members and clients special access to the tools they need to keep the businesses running, as well as early-stage consulting and training at a startup-friendly price.


Become an Accounting Partner

Our accounting partners get exclusive access to our custom-branded option (with no mention of Botkeeper, if you like), which will evolve your firm from data entry and bookkeeping to advisory services. Grow your practice without increasing headcount/overhead, and see a massive reduction in human error. Better, faster reporting, real-time 24/7 data entry, and the ability to easily take on 10+ new clients per day.




Become an Ambassador

Botkeeper's Ambassador Program is for Center of Influence who want to transform the way their clients grow their businesses. Now you can refer a product you can stand by—and get paid for it! No gimmicks, and no crazy waiting periods. Compelling payout rates, easy referrals, and benefits for you and those you refer.




Become a Startup Partner

Botkeeper partners with incubators, accelerators, and VCs to help startups scale and grow their businesses. By joining our partner program, you are giving your members and clients access to the tools they need to keep the businesses running. Discounts for you and your members, early access to new tools and products, and publicity on our site!





"The bots come out at night so when I walk in the morning ALL the bookkeeping is done. I was amazed by how 'smart' the Botkeeper tech was, and how I no longer have to worry about where work is at in my firm. It just gets done, like magic. The Bots or 'AI' have made an awesome addition to our team. They won’t replace our team members, but they actually complement our team so we can do the more fun, complex, and advisory work."

Jody Padar
CEO of New Vision CPA Group and Author: From Success to Significance: The Radical CPA Guide

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A new bookkeeping methodology. All-in-one software. Exclusive partner tools and resources. With Botkeeper's help, there’s no end to how much you can scale your business's growth and guide your customers down a path to success.