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Increasingly, accounting firms don't have enough labor to meet the record high demand for their services. Accounting intelligence combats this by using automation, AI and technology to maximize the impact of accountants and bridge the labor gap.

In this podcast, we highlight thought leaders in client advisory & accounting services, IT leaders, and automation experts to help you address the challenge. 

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This week's episode

In this episode, you’ll be hearing a conversation between Gale Crosley, CPA and founder of Crosley & Company and Deneen Dias, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Botkeeper. Gale is a leading strategic organic revenue growth consultant to hundreds of large, and large-thinking CPA and accounting firms worldwide. She combines experience of a highly successful consultancy, with over two decades growing technology companies ranging from startups to IBM, as well as early years as a practicing CPA. In the conversion, Gale & Deneen cover topics ranging from what’s holding the accounting profession back, how to innovate, and how to increase profitability.

E06: Innovation Framework, Growth Strategies and What’s Holding Your Firm Back with Gale Crosley, CPA


Previous Episodes

E05: A New Mindset, Getting Leverage, and Saying Yes To Demand with Shannon Vincent

In this episode, you’ll be hearing a conversation between Shannon Vincent, Founder of ReNew Group, and Deneen Dias who is the VP of Strategic Partnerships at Botkeeper. Shannon Vincent has dedicated his entire career to working with accountants in various capacities.He shares his mindset on how to grow your firm profitability, what we can learn from Airbnb/Uber, and much more.


E04: War For Talent, Building a CAS Practice, and The Customer Experience with Dixie McCurley, CPA

In this episode, you’ll be hearing a conversation between Dixie McCurley, Partner & CAS leader at Cherry Bekaert and Deneen Dias, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Botkeeper. Dixie McCurley has over 10+ experience building advisory practices at accounting firms. She shares her insights on how to create amazing customer experiences, what’s CAS 2.0, and how to combat the war for quality talent. 


E03: Why Are There Not Enough New Accountants with Blake Oliver, CPA

In this episode, you’ll be hearing a conversation between Blake Oliver, Founder & CEO Earmark CPE and members of the Botkeeper team. Blake Oliver and the Botkeeper team discuss everything from why are there not enough new accountants entering the profession to how firms can combat the labor shortage and much more.


E02 - 6 Figure Engagements & The 4 Pillars of CAS with Chris Gallow 

This episode is for you if you're looking to build and scale an advisory practice. Chris Gallow, a client accounting leader at BerganKDV, and Deneen Diaz, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Botkeeper lead the conversation. Chris Gallow shares in deep knowledge of building a highly profitable advisory practice that's growing 100% YoY at the time of this recording. In addition, they cover topics like how to get buy-in on new technology, how to structure your monthly engagements, and much more.

E01 - The Future Of Work, Accounting and Culture with Brad Smith 

In this episode, you’ll be hearing a riveting conversation covering topics ranging from the future of remote work, the accounting profession, and so much more! Featuring Brad Smith, former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Intuit, and Enrico Palmerino, founder & CEO Botkeeper. 

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