Tax Season Just Got a Lot Easier With Botkeeper's Rapid Write-Up Package

The accounting industry is changing—isn't it time that your client write-up work changed, too? Botkeeper has the tools to help you do just that. Enable your firm with the best tools to get ahead of the curve in 2021!


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Let's face it. Write-up work sucks. 

Right? It sure does when you have a LOT of clients that you might only touch ONCE per year, and during the BUSIEST time of year when your priority clients need the most attention.

But hey, we get it—it's also super important! Preparing your clients for tax season is both time-consuming and time-sensitive, and with clients managing their own bank accounts and choosing not to leverage the financial reports that you could be preparing regularly, you're probably dreading the good ole' shoebox full of statements, checks, and receipts for the tax prep write-up work. Is bandwidth keeping you from shifting to a more proactive approach with your clients? Wouldn't it be great to be more proactive with those write-up services and potentially create more revenue—in an automated fashion, without taking any additional time away from your high priority work? 

Good news! Botkeeper offers a powerful solution for accountants so you can work faster, more accurately, reduce workload and improve your cash flow—all in one place.


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Break the Cycle

With tax season being your BUSIEST time of year, your firm is faced with challenges such as the inability to perform proper tax planning before the end of the year due to limited financial information, or uncertainty if the client will use you again next year (one time a year relationship).


Make Time for the Priorities

Eliminate the old fashioned “80 hours per week” mentality during your busy season. Cut down the amount of time spent chasing your clients. Plus, free up your staff for the higher value and revenue-driving services.


Transform Your Economics

Reduce your labor costs. Avoid wasting your experienced staff on data entry-level tasks. Dodge the big expense that comes with bringing on contractors and seasonal help to your firm. Save endless hours maintaining and backing up your clients QuickBooks Data Files (QBW).


Tackle New Growth Strategies

Leverage up to date write-up financials to generate additional tax planning advisory revenue for your firm. Offer quarterly meetings and find other opportunities to sell additional services to your clients. Use what you learn about your clients' business challenges, and look for advisory opportunities!


Next-Level Benefits

Increase your staff morale and retention. Reduce busy season hours to battle your employee turnover and draw in talent. Create a uniform practice workflow across your accounting firm.


Firm Process Optimization

Ditch the time-intensive manual data entry that your firm does. Overcome the extensive communication needs between you and the client to obtain source documents, transaction clarification, etc. And put an end to having to wrestle with QuickBooks Desktop (QBD) files!



Eliminating Tax Write-Up Challenges with Automation (On-Demand)

Imagine eliminating your capacity and compression challenges while delivering better reviewed, organized, and prepared financial reports during tax season— with just one change in your process.

This pivotal on-demand presentation is for Accounting Professionals who are aiming to transform and evolve their write-up work by leveraging a powerful tax write-up solution.


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