Lauren Baptiste

Lauren Baptiste is a Burnout Expert, focused on radically shifting contemporary work culture toward prioritizing emotional, physical and mental health. An international speaker, corporate well-being consultant and coach, Lauren is tackling the pervasive issue of burnout by guiding today’s workforce toward embracing wellness practices at home and in the office. After working 11+ years at a Big Four accounting firm and personally experiencing burnout first-hand, Lauren launched Acheloa Wellness. With a mission of empowering professionals to break through the detrimental effects of stress, Lauren brings her experience as a practitioner of Ayurveda, hormonal health and other healing modalities alongside her knowledge of corporate culture, transforming burnout to balance, joy and high-performing productivity. Lauren offers personal coaching, professional training and workplace consulting for a wide range of clients including financial and professional services organizations. Recent clients include IBM, TD Securities, EY, NFL, Warner Music, Estee Lauder, Standard Chartered Bank and the United Nations. Lauren has been published in many established outlets, such as Forbes, Thrive Global, Medium and Authority Magazine.

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Managing stress starts and ends with your senses

In the accounting industry, professionals are commonly working 50+ hour weeks all year long. During busier times, however, that weekly number can inflate to 65-70+ hours, leaving hard-working professionals feeling constantly depleted, disoriented...

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