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Selecting an Automated Accounting Solution | An Accountant's Guide

What to Consider When Selecting an Automated Accounting Solution | Botkeeper

There used to be this notion in accounting that if you were an early adapter to technology, you were considered progressive. Industry veterans might have looked at you as though you were some foolhardy explorer on a wasteful quest to burn budget on sleek tools—only to produce mediocre results (at best).

Their take: if the old-school way of accounting wasn’t broken, why bring in untested tech to try to fix it?

But times have changed, and we now know that technology is the future of accounting. Those same veteran firms that questioned progressive thinkers are now being lapped by them, and their clients are suffering.

Businesses across the globe are impacted by new issues everyday, including changing tax laws and unprecedented health and safety requirements. At the risk of sounding progressive, the firms that choose to incorporate technology and automation into their operating procedures are the firms that will flourish well into the future. 


We know this to be true because we see the largest firms creating their own technology to compete with smaller trailblazers. Moreover, they’re using this tech to come for your business.

It’s no longer a question of if you need technology to survive—it’s about which technology is the best fit for your accounting firm.

Numerous factors weigh in on the decision to invest in technology. This selection guide was created to assist you through the process of knowing what to consider when it comes to accounting software built on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Ultimately, the best option for your accounting firm will stand out as having the highest quality, robust features, and dedicated support required to benefit your clients and help your firm scale.