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1 min read

Selecting an Automated Accounting Solution | An Accountant's Guide

There used to be this notion in accounting that if you were an early adapter to technology, you were considered progressive. Industry veterans might...

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9 min read

The Advanced Guide to Automation in the Accounting Industry

Like the transition from the abacus to the calculator, the accounting industry eagerly embraces changing technology—and the ability to make...

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The role of compliance is to prevent fraud and theft | Botkeeper

7 min read

How Changing Compliance Software Will Impact Accounting in the Future

Compliance refers to ensuring that a company’s practices are well in line with the current legal and financial regulations. These can include...

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 A blockchain is a transparent, universally decentralized record keeping  | Botkeeper

6 min read

Breaking Down Blockchain for Accountants in 2020—and Beyond

Blockchain technology, along with being a new buzzword, is also one of the most exciting technologies of the 21st century. A universally...

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5 min read

An Introductory Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Accounting

According to recent statistics, 82% of businesses are failing as a direct result of mismanaged profit and cash flow. While this is a scary statistic...

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AI& ML-04

4 min read

What's the difference between AI and ML?

Artificial or augmented intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become hot topics in tech, business, and our everyday lives. In fact, a...

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Stressed businesswoman sitting in front of computer in the office

5 min read

9 Signs You Have a Bad Bookkeeper

Having a competent bookkeeper could be the difference between steering your business to new growth and letting it spiral out of control, like a...

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5 min read

Bookkeeping Meets AI:Trends & Predictions for the Future of Accounting

If you’re in the accounting profession, chances are you’re getting used to the integration of various forms of technology in the industry, including...

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