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First look: Botkeeper Infinite


You say you want a revolution? Well, you know — accounting has needed one for a while. And Botkeeper is all about delivering it.

That revolution is called Botkeeper Infinite, and it storms the Bastille with a tech-only solution designed to free firms of all sizes from the burdens of bookkeeping. Botkeeper Infinite automates bookkeeping for QBO or Xero clients, and offers a multi-featured platform for driving practices forward and scaling exponentially. For the first time in… well, ever — firms can call their own shots on how our technology works with their processes. And it’s pretty friggin’ spectacular.



Firms in turmoil shall… um, turm no more.

You know the drill, because you’ve lived it. And even if you haven’t lived it, you’ve had it coming to you from every accounting authority out there: firms are facing some pretty tough challenges, from staffing and attrition to technology and capacity. Throw some mergers and acquisitions activity and a little private equity money in there as well, and you have a perfect representation of all those accounting-interest emails sitting in your inbox. 

Addressing these many challenges hasn’t been easy — or we’d have stopped hearing about them by now. And while there are a handful of products out there offering to step in to address one or two of them, a comprehensive solution — short of intensive therapy with a really understanding psychiatrist — has eluded us. But Botkeeper Infinite is designed to knock those dominos over and deliver on firm efficiency and scale in a way nothing else can.


Okay, sounds good… BUT! Why is Botkeeper Infinite better than anything else?

Glad you asked, because otherwise this could be a fairly short blog (we get paid by the word).

Botkeeper Infinite is a complete solution for firms’ bookkeeping needs. It brings together the technology, people, and processes needed to maximize capacity and streamline practices for ultimate efficiency. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Botkeeper Infinite learns how your clients’ business activities impact the books, getting more efficient and accurate as it goes. But there’s even more that sets it apart from other solutions available.


Botkeeper Infinite is flexible. And we don’t mean it’s yoga-ready, though we might add that to a future update. We mean it works with firms to address their needs in a customizable way. However your firm works, Botkeeper Infinite fits in — whether that’s as an easy-to-use automated bookkeeping platform your team can deploy to gain time back, or a full bookkeeping solution that offers a professional accounting team to handle your clients’ books from start to finish.


Botkeeper Infinite also fits easily into your firm’s tech stack. Designed for a tech-first journey, Botkeeper will be ready for the future of your firm’s technology (more on that in a bit). Bottom line, you won’t be fighting with the platform — Botkeeper Infinite plays nice, and never takes its ball and goes home.


Perhaps most importantly, Botkeeper Infinite is designed for holistic client engagement. Yes, the books get done efficiently and accurately, but Botkeeper Infinite also provides task management and uses data-driven insights to arm accountants with the information they need to offer strategic financial decision making.


If you’re wondering how all of this is a departure from the Botkeeper of old, we understand. Botkeeper remains dedicated as ever to automating the bookkeeping process to get accountants out of the proverbial weeds. But Botkeeper Infinite grants firms unparalleled autonomy, allowing them to design their client journey the way they see fit: choose from Botkeeper Infinite as a tech-only solution your firm tunes, trains, and monitors, or add basic or advanced services to drive more efficiency and get even more taken off your plate. You can even mix and match to address different client needs. Nifty, right? Botkeeper Infinite is tech-first, tech-led, and all about you.


What’s so tech-first about Botkeeper Infinite?

First of all, onboarding your clients is quick and easy with Botkeeper Infinite. The intuitive interface makes self-guided onboarding a snap. Have clients up and running for near-immediate time savings you’ll be able to see. And the tech wonders don’t stop once they’re up and running. Botkeeper Infinite has all the best of Botkeeper.

  • Our Work environment helps manage all your bookkeeping tasks with automated notifications, project management bringing multiple related tasks together, and unmatched collaboration.

  • Smart Connect provides simple, secure connectivity to all your clients’ financial institutions without a need for passwords. 

  • And speaking of passwords, Password Manager offers a secure place to store and retrieve clients’ passwords for all the accounts you need. 

  • Documents is your integrated secure portal, letting you upload documents of any kind, collaborate on them and track versions. 

  • And Transaction Manager, where the machine-learning categorization magic happens, now adapts as your needs move from tech-only (self-service) to Advanced Services, where our Botkeeper team steps in where and when needed.


With Botkeeper Infinite, we’re also bringing new tech to the Botkeeper table: 

  • Activity Hub will bring communications together into one, centralized space for easy tracking and interaction, making client interactions seamless. 

  • Journal Entry Automation, or JE Automation will automate amortization schedules and loans in real-time, syncing directly with the general ledger, reducing errors and saving time. And in the future, JE Automation will manage variable interest loans. 

  • Auto Bank Reconciliations allows you to quickly review variances between extracted statement details and general ledger (GL) activity for seamless reconciliations. The system will even automate the reconciliation when no issues are found. 

  • Bot Review revolutionizes the month-end review process by automating the search through your clients' general ledgers to find discrepancies. Bot Review flags the variances and exceptions you need to review.


Botkeeper Infinite will also integrate tech from partners and tech industry leaders:

  • We’re working with Google to provide Insights, the game-changing tool that unravels the “why” behind the numbers. Insights helps you narrate the financial stories of your clients like never before by providing written explanations of the numbers in a language you can use directly with your clients. It also surfaces the most relevant KPIs and metrics for you to curate for them, making you an advisory powerhouse.

  • Botkeeper integrates with Zapier, providing our users with a way to seamlessly integrate Botkeeper into the workflows and tools you use today. Zapier allows you to trigger actions based on custom events and much more. Zapier makes Botkeeper Infinite fit into your tech stack like a glove… if tech wore gloves.

  • For firms that choose the Advanced services package, Botkeeper also offers access to Jirav forecasting and budgeting. Users will be able to access Jirav right from the Botkeeper Infinite menu.


Botkeeper Infinite looks into the future

Botkeeper isn’t stopping. In the works are a Botkeeper community and University for engagement and learning, customizable machine learning settings, industry-specific models for optimized categorizations, automated allocation splits, and much more. Even better, the platform will be expanded to work with even more GLs beyond QBO and Xero. It’s quite a roadmap, and it’s built to add even more value to our capacity-building bookkeeping solution.

We see a future of AI-led accounting that supports and enables accountants to provide the advisory services clients demand. That future is here with Botkeeper Infinite.



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