Adam Eric Junkroski

Adam Eric Junkroski is a marketing, advertising and communications professional specializing in content strategy. With over 25 years of experience, his career has consisted of developing creative and copy for both B2B and B2C entities, including participating in branding work for several Fortune 500 companies. As principal of his own advertising and marketing firm, Adam worked with a wide variety of clients across the country, including finance, family entertainment, mitigation banking and real estate. With a unique and diverse set of talents, Adam has dedicated his career to helping employers and clients forge their own paths, developing a voice that sets them apart from the crowd.

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Botkeeper needs your help to choose a new tagline

From “Just do it,” to “The real thing,” taglines have long been used to summarize a brand’s philosophy, values or personality. The very earliest advertising used taglines to clarify and emphasize a product offering, enticing potential customers.


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Resignations and M&A are driving more accounting automation

For years now, firms have listed finding and/or retaining talent as one of their top issues. Before COVID. Before The Great Resignation. Before M&A activity even started going completely off the charts.

The talent acquisition and retention landscape...

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How is manual bookkeeping like Blockbuster?

One of the truths of business in the modern era is that technology can define success. Major leaps in how work gets done, how products get made, and how customers access goods and services have both broken and made businesses around the globe.

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Beat tax season slumps with these 5 tips—and even find some free time

Tax season has always been challenging: the last-minute clients, the messy paperwork, the missing documents, and—certainly not least of all—the long hours.

The past few years have made tax season even more complicated. Dwindling IRS service, long hold...

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