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accountant retention

4 min read

Retain your talent with a professional learning plan

One of the top reasons employees look to make a job change is a lack of opportunity to develop and show their skills. 

People want a sense of fulfillment from how they spend their time, and the time they spend at work is no different. This need is partly...

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4 min read

Resignations and M&A are driving more accounting automation

For years now, firms have listed finding and/or retaining talent as one of their top issues. Before COVID. Before The Great Resignation. Before M&A activity even started going completely off the charts.

The talent acquisition and retention landscape...

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6 min read

What Accounting Firms Need to Know to Overcome Talent Retention Challenges

Talent shortage is a problem in accounting. It has been for decades, and it’s only getting worse. Firms face a historical struggle to find quality accountants—and keep them—while focusing on growing the business.

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