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Tax Education: Everything You Need to Know about the Federal Tax Deadline | Botkeeper

7 min read

Tax Education: Everything You Need to Know about the Tax Deadline

Any American with a pulse knows that individuals and businesses pay a plethora of taxes. But it wasn't always that way. Even though taxes have been...

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Botkeeper 3 differences between tax planning and filing

2 min read

The 3 Major Differences Between Tax Filing and Tax Planning

Just like there’s a really, really big difference between tax avoidance (lessening tax liability and legal) and tax evasion (the deliberate under- or...

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Understanding Bookkeeping for Small Business - botkeeper

3 min read

Understanding Why Tax Planning Is a Vital Step for Small Businesses

Though the deadline for filing your taxes may be months away, most small business experts agree: the two best times to get a jump on tax planning are...

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Tax Planning by botkeeper

5 min read

Tax Planning for Beginners: 6 Key Principles Explained

Tax planning is, by definition, an assessment of your financial situation from a tax perspective for the purposes of reducing how much money you owe...

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