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Number Big, Brain No Good


Running a small business is a huge task. It doesn’t matter if the offer is products or services, making the world a better place; small business principals still have to run the numbers, and they sure pile up. Who would’ve thought that juggling accounting and trying to handle seven thousand other daily tasks would get overwhelming? There is an easier way for them to get through those intimidating spreadsheets, though, and that's where you come in.



How Hard Is It in Reality for Principals in Small Businesses to Handle Their Accounting?

About as hard as understanding a single word their five-year-old nephew tells them about his day in school. Okay, maybe not. But it can feel that way.

Accounting for non-accountants can often feel intimidating because what they call “the fundamentals,” such as bookkeeping, understanding financial statements, and getting to grips with the various accounting methods, is its own complex language decoded using math. Owners have to learn how to wrangle formulas and numbers, all while trying to keep a straight face watching their own expenses. And they often feel like the numbers smell their self-doubt. 

That difficulty can increase significantly if their business involves things like inventory management, equipment depreciation, payroll, or business loans. Add advanced business operations to the mix, like franchising and e-commerce, and suddenly, they need to start planning a seismic shift in their accounting requirements. 

This is where your accounting firm comes up to dig them out of the rubble. Needing only the facts and passing no judgment — unless they’re into that, which is fine — a strong accounting firm runs through the numbers so clients can focus on their work. Of all the business connections they want to keep strong, your accounting firm is the one they won’t want to neglect. Because it’s not just about being good with numbers; it’s taking the mathematical, bureaucratic, seeming gibberish of accounting and making it comprehensible to mere mortals.

These are only a few ways you’ll have small business’ backs.

  • Bookkeeping: Your firm can guide them through the paper trail and make it make sense. Sure, you WILL make a big deal about keeping their receipts, but you’re absolutely right to. They’ll understand when they see the time, effort, and heartbreak you’re saving them. 

  • Statement: Financial statements can be perplexing, but your firm can arrange the pieces to give them and “the man” a clearer picture of the company’s fiscal health.

  • Method: A strong accounting firm knows the ways in and out of the system closely… the small business will be counting on it.  


How Accounting Firms Can Help Small Businesses

Ever been asked what your firm can do? Here’s a light cheat sheet:

Accounting firms employ qualified professionals who specialize in various financial areas. For a small business, this means having access to experienced accountants without the overhead costs associated with maintaining a full-time finance department. These experts can prepare and keep books, and navigate through the labyrinth of tax laws, ensuring that the small business’ financial activities are both legal and efficient. They can help prepare budgets, understand and advise the operation, prepare financial reports, and provide crucial insight into how a business can grow. Even more stunning? Firms understand taxes and regulations. It might sound like a lot, but that’s only because it is a lot.

They’ll know they’ve found the right firm when they can walk away feeling like they have an actual grasp of their finances. Yeah, cute offices and fancy cars are fine, but that won’t impress them for very long if they go bankrupt.



Making Accounting Easier with the Tool to Which We Just Vaguely Referred

The business world is only going to get more complicated — especially now that X (Twitter) fame is clearly a defining factor on who has the bigger brain. Understanding these changes and knowing how to adapt is a basic principle of any self-respecting firm. This is where Botkeeper comes in.

Botkeeper was created to help accounting firms. It’s an automated bookkeeping solution made from a potent combination of machine learning, advanced workflow tools, and the tiny creatures that live in your computer and watch your every move. This blend of tech and expertise resolves capacity problems and helps firms reach their maximum potential. 

  • Automated Bookkeeping: We leverage machine learning and workflow tools to automate manual and time-consuming bookkeeping tasks. This allows us to reduce workload and save your firm valuable time. We’re sorry; you’ll still have to remind everyone to keep their receipts.

  • Skilled and Experienced Team: The team behind Botkeeper doesn’t only rely on technology; they realize the importance of human expertise. They are prepared to handle complex accounting scenarios and train the automation tools to become even more efficient. They can also train the human component to make the most out of the tool.

  • Unwavering Support: When you team up with Botkeeper, you can rest assured that a dedicated partner will help your firm maintain momentum and understand the platform like the back of its hand. The support package also includes white-glove onboarding and training, unlimited email and phone support, and access to various resources, including monthly group training on multiple aspects of growing your firm using the Botkeeper platform.

  • Security Taken Seriously: Keeping data safe is a priority at Botkeeper. The platform is SOC2 Type 2 compliant, which ensures that your financial data is managed securely and accurately.

  • Scalability and Cost Effectiveness: As your firm grows, Botkeeper’s automation reduces the cost per client over time as it integrates them into an existing logic and workflow. This way, it provides a great return on investment.


Businesses, Firms, and Botkeeper: Your Empowerment Toolkit

Partnering with an accounting firm helps small businesses nail their cash flow, keep budgeting tight, and keep the expenses in check. When they choose an accounting firm that uses powerful, convenient tools, their satisfaction will only multiply, even if they don’t understand or know what those tools are. 

Botkeeper’s technology empowers your firm to automate and distribute data, emphasizing cloud-based teamwork and machine learning. Its sophisticated AI can empower your accountants to navigate your clients’ records more effectively and draw more relevant insights from them.

Your firm and Botkeeper can turn any challenging client into history-making tales. And with the release of Botkeeper Infinite just around the corner with its frictionless online signup and month-to-month option, now is the time to get started!


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