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6 min read

Bots Need Data: Training Makes Them Smarter & More Accurate

Have you ever seen the movie How to Train Your Dragon? A young Viking boy, who has grown up fearing dragons, meets one...

5 min read

Botkeeper Introduces the New Transaction Manager Tool

With all that’s gone on—with all that’s still going on—most accounting professionals are busier than ever. On one...

6 min read

Why Automation is a Game Changer for Accounting Firms

Automation is reshaping the future of accounting.

There is no denying it. We know it. CPAs know it, even if they’re...

10 min read

So You’ve Partnered With Botkeeper—Now What?

Earlier this summer, as an escape from the mask city life, my boyfriend and I decided to take a ride to Cape Cod and...

7 min read

CPA Firm Transformation and Change Management

Six years ago, I published my first book and introduced the world to the concept of the “New Firm.” Up until that...

8 min read

Preparing for the 2021 Tax Season Based on the Lessons of 2020

So far in 2020, accounting firms—like the rest of the global population—have had more ups and downs than a New York...

8 min read

5 Accounting Firms Thriving During COVID

Back in early 2020 when the entire world began to shut down because of the pandemic, accounting firms were already in...

6 min read

What is Automated Bookkeeping and How Do I Integrate it into my Accounting Firm?

Do you know what automated bookkeeping is or how it benefits accounting firms?

Don’t worry—you’re not alone. Lots of...

7 min read

The Top 4 Bookkeeping Mistakes Costing You Money—and How to Stop Them

When we think about the most successful accounting firms and businesses, we think of those that have it all together....

7 min read

Botkeeper for Dummies is a Roadmap for CPA Firm Transformation

On September 16, we finally got to tell the world about Botkeeper For Dummies. From the beginning of this process, we...

7 min read

3 Steps to Developing a Forward-Thinking Virtual Firm

The CPA firm of the future will likely look much different than how firms have looked for the past several years—and...

2 min read

Botkeeper for Dummies: New Book Helps CPA Firms Transform and Scale

Get Your Copy Today.

After two and a half years, four authors and countless revisions, Botkeeper for Dummies has...

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